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Thinking of taking an online digital art course? CG Spectrum has advocated for the online education model for a long time. With current events forcing thousands of companies and schools to transition online, the benefits of remote work and study have become more evident than ever. Even major film and game studios have had to make massive operational shifts to continue to produce high quality work and meet deadlines. 

Here are the main reasons students choose CG Spectrum for their education, plus a few commonly asked questions!

1. Get studio-ready in half the time

The average college degree is 4 years, while our courses are between 2 weeks (workshops) and two years. While your peers are still in school, you'll be ready for studio life!

How do we do this? Our intensive hands-on curriculum is designed to get you industry-ready faster by teaching you only the most useful and relevant skills. We don't burden you with unnecessary electives. Small class sizes ensure every student gets plenty of time with their mentor, and personalized critiques on assignments help them progress faster.

Unlike some courses where you learn a little of everything but you graduate a master of none, our courses help you become a specialist in your field and a valuable asset to a studio. 

See the high caliber of student work in our latest showcase:

2. Direct access to industry mentors

We are determined to see our graduates become some of the most talented artists in the industry. By giving students direct access to award-winning industry mentors who have worked on blockbuster films and AAA games, we're helping them become the best trained, best connected, and best prepared for life beyond school.

Our teachers (we call them mentors) are required to be actively working in the industry. They are up to date with current technology and industry standards and can help students expand their professional network while studying.

When you graduate, we want you to be in a strong position to find a job relative to the skills you've learned. By enlisting the help of industry experts, we give you the best chance to make this a possibility.

3. Small class sizes

At CG Spectrum, no one gets lost in the crowd. Class sizes are kept small (capped at 4 students for industry certificate courses and 15 for the film and games degrees and diplomas - whereas traditional classrooms have 20-30), so everyone has time to ask questions and get feedback on their work. There’s also a 1-on-1 private mentorship option (industry cert. courses only) for students who want maximum mentor time and a curriculum customized for their specific goals.

Research from the Tennessee STAR Project, Wisconsin’s SAGE Project, and the Australian Education Union suggest students learn best when taught in smaller class sizes.


Small classes give students greater access to mentors, allow more time for instruction, make it possible to tailor the course to the group's needs, and make students feel more comfortable while learning. Feeling comfortable in the classroom often leads to opportunities to interact with peers and mentors, allowing students to network while studying.

4. Job-focused curriculum 

Our major focus is for graduates to feel fully prepared to enter the industry and start contributing right away. To help students achieve this level of skill and preparedness, our curriculum is designed to give them a taste of what it's like in a professional studio.

Students learn the actual techniques and workflows used in the industry, and receive personalized critiques on their work as they would in a studio environment. 

Most of our mentors have been in hiring positions, so they know what studios are looking for in a candidate. As a result, students learn the skills studios are hiring for and graduate with a professional portfolio sure to impress employers.

5. Flexible scheduling

Our unique online learning model makes it easier to schedule classes around work and family commitments.

We have mentors covering most time zones, so wherever you are, we will work with your availability to ensure you get direct access to a world-class mentor from your own home. You'll also save time and money not having to travel to/from school every day!

CG Spectrum FAQs

Is CG Spectrum worth it?

CG Spectrum reviews from graduates will tell you exactly why CG Spectrum is worth it. Our interactive online courses offer a powerful way to learn and get industry-ready in less time and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional school.

There are three main factors that make CG Spectrum courses worth it: industry mentorship, accountability, and networking.

Industry Mentorship: To be the best, it helps to learn from the best. CG Spectrum students are personally mentored by industry experts with years of experience working on blockbuster films and AAA games at studios like ILM, DreamWorks, Sony, Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, and Ubisoft.

Our mentors have their finger on the pulse and teach students the latest techniques and workflows used in actual studios. Students can leverage their mentors' expertise to network and have someone to turn to ask questions and get career advice.

Accountability: Self-guided courses require a lot of motivation, whereas our courses have live weekly mentor calls and assignment deadlines to keep students focused and on track with their career goals.

Mentors check in on students, hold them accountable for their work, and are available during the week if needed. There’s also a private online community for students to share work and troubleshoot issues. 

Networking: As an international online school, the CG Spectrum community gives students the chance to network with mentors, peers, and graduates on every continent (4000+ members!). Their network has the potential to expand thousands of miles beyond their hometown.

Students get direct access to artists currently working on blockbuster films and AAA games. They can ask questions, get feedback, share resources, and learn about job opportunities. With today’s global connectedness, graduates are likely to bump into each other in the industry, and we think that’s pretty awesome.

How much does CG Spectrum cost?

From short courses to our bachelor's degrees, all of CG Spectrum's course prices are listed on each course page. Choose the course you're interested in, and just below the "Course Overview" section, you will see course fees listed under the heading "Tuition." 

To view and compare course costs and payment plans, visit the Tuition and Payments page. 

Is CG Spectrum an accredited school?

CG Spectrum offers both non-accredited industry certificate courses as well as accredited degrees and diplomas. Our degrees and diplomas are accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)–Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education.

CG Spectrum is also certified through The Rookies, and ranked as one of the Top 50 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World–out of more than 500 schoolsThe Rookies Certified Schools are independently reviewed and assessed by invite-only, ensuring only the very best schools are accepted, and the accolade remains exclusive. The accolade identifies schools that offer the highest quality education and are best suited to prepare students for a career in the creative industries.

CG Spectrum is also an:

Additionally, CG Spectrum was ranked #2 Online Art School by The Rookies and listed in Creative Bloq’s Top 5 Best Animation Schools.

When you become a CG Spectrum student, you're joining an award-winning institution with a great reputation and courses that delivery results.

We're not your traditional brick and mortar school. We are 100% online and we like to do things a little differently. We're not limited to a geographical location so students all over the world can access our high quality education. Our industry mentors work at top films and game studios in almost every timezone, so we can connect you with a mentor that suits your time zone.

Does CG Spectrum offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships upon request. However, we do offer scholarships from time to time and advertise them on our social channels and newsletter.

Please subscribe to our mailing list to get updates on future scholarship opportunities that may be available to you.

Does CG Spectrum offer financial aid?

We offer students a diverse range of payment options to support their educational journey. To see which one best fits your needs, head to our Tuition and Payments page.

Will CG Spectrum get me a job?

CG Spectrum provides students with the tools, resources and direct access to world class mentors, to help them become the best trained, best connected, and best prepared for studio life.

Our advanced graduates have gone on to get great jobs in the industry. (Check out some of our student success stories on the blog to read about graduates who have worked on major films and games like Avengers: Endgame, Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Assassin's Creed.)

Helping students find employment is very important to us, that's why we have a dedicated career coach who regularly hosts exclusive career-focused webinars, Q&As, artist interviews, and workshops for CG Spectrum students and graduates, and is available anytime to answer career-related questions. Our career track and bachelor's degree students also receive additional one-on-one career support, CV/portfolio reviews, and interview preparation. 

Through network nurturing and an emphasis on portfolio and demo reel building, we equip students with the job skills and confidence to create high-quality work that speaks for itself. 

The film and game industry is competitive, and the students who experience the greatest success are those who take responsibility for their career, put in the hard work to get their skills up to industry standard, leverage their mentor's invaluable expertise, and take advantage of every opportunity to excel.

Find more answers to your questions on our FAQ page.

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