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Student work by Yaseen Yusaf

Kieran L, 3D Animation

"My experience at CG Spectrum was second to none, and taught me so much more than I initially anticipated."


kieranlee-headshot"I stumbled across CG Spectrum while trying to find any way I could to leave the construction industry and get into the gaming/film industry, and I’m so glad I did.

I chose to sign up for the 1-on-1 course and was lucky enough to get Mark Pullyblank as my tutor, an absolute industry veteran. He took me from being barely computer literate to an animator working at a studio in only a year and a half. The information and level of teaching at CG Spectrum will absolutely not be found anywhere else and I would recommend them to anyone looking to learn a form of digital art."

Jarrod C, Concept Art & Illustration

"I didn't know what my expectations were as it was such a new experience for me, but I was blown away by the program so far!"


jarrodc-headshot"I wasn't aware of just how much there is to participate in through the program outside of the class. As someone that hasn't practiced artwork in close to 15 years due to various circumstances, I was afraid that criticism was going to be harsh, but my mentor has always provided me with personalized feedback that I need at my current skill level and how to improve. The feedback and community have provided more motivation to improve and feel passionate about something I enjoy than I could have imagined."

Jorge R, Real-time 3D & Virtual Production

"CG Spectrum offers unconditional support."


jorge-r-virtual-production-square-rounded"I want to thank the entire CG Spectrum staff and mentors for their unconditional support, for sharing beyond the course syllabus, and for always giving 100% in everything."

Matthew R, 2D Animation

"So much more than I expected."


ryan-w-animation-square-rounded"CG Spectrum is a very fun and relaxed online community where other students and mentors communicate in a refreshingly open way. The Mentors really make these courses a unique experience; they share anecdotes and advice that will stay with me for many years."

Jonathan R, Nuke Compositing

"Great school overall!"


jonathanramirez-headshot"In this industry, community is so important, either for feedback and to get better, but also to find a job. You're definitely going to find such a nice and receptive community here, from students to mentors and graduates! Everyone is there for you to grow.

Be sure to take advantage of all the tools they give you, such as assets, community, and Q&As. Be sure to push yourself to really take a lot from this and you're going do just fine in the industry."


"CG Spectrum helped set me on my path."


elliott-h-concept-art-illustration-square-rounded"CG Spectrum provided me with an educational experience in art that I didn't see myself getting. And with online classes, location wasn’t an issue.

My experience with my mentor was fantastic. His own expertise was clear in how cleanly he was able to analyze my artwork and offer advice ranging from creating an effective composition, adding storytelling elements to an image, effective ways to paint over line work, simple brushes to generate quick and useful effects, and even just using the lasso tool in simple ways to expedite workflow. I learned so much in 9 months that my personal efforts at learning beforehand paled. 

It’s worth mentioning though, that you’ll get out of the class what you put into it. CG Spectrum uses a chat program called ‘Slack’, and they have various channels dedicated to life drawing and practice, so if you’re the sort of person who wants to do that but has difficulty self-motivating, then you might find it easier to practice with others in that channel.

Overall my experience was fantastic, and I wish I had the sense to have done it sooner."

Manuel B, Game Design

"Personalized growth alongside a welcoming community."


manuel-b-game-design-square-rounded"CG Spectrum offers exactly what I wanted: part-time classes that allowed me to work on personal projects at the same time and also make my own schedule. I have taken the Introduction to Game Design course and have decided to stick with CG Spectrum for the complete Game Design course.

Being paired with a mentor who has vast field experience and follows my progress every week is simply amazing! 

And what to say of the incredibly welcoming worldwide community. Witnessing everyone's progress and seeing how everyone is there for one another is completely fulfilling! I would recommend this school without any hesitation."


"One aspect I adore about studying with CG Spectrum is that they make time for you."



"Your mentors and people who you've never even spoken to before are there to help you succeed! Working within the entertainment industry is about who you know, your mentors will know the people you need to in order to help you get your foot in the door. The rest is up to you!

I've been studying for almost a year now and have had people reaching out to me for jobs, which I never thought I'd have! I studied animation at university and nothing came from it because making connections was so difficult. CG spectrum makes it easy; the coursework itself is challenging but fun! You vibe with your kind of people.

So, yes. I will always highly recommend CG Spectrum to anybody and everybody."

Marc C, real-time 3d & virtual production

"I enrolled looking for a career change and I wasn't expecting this quality of education in an online school."


marccarratala-rounded"Right at the beginning I didn't have any knowledge about digital arts and now I can accomplish my dream of creating cinematics within fantasy worlds to tell stories or apply any artistic idea and make it happen with all the new tools under my belt.

The mentors are always willing to help and encourage self development depending on your interests, plus their knowledge and experience complements all the offline content. If you have passion for any of the disciplines the school has to offer and you need time flexibility, you should consider joining the amazing community that surrounds the online platform and start your new journey exploring, exchanging, sharing and, most importantly, learning. You won't regret it!"

Mari O, 3D Modeling

"My mentor and the CG Spectrum team supported me in getting a job by reviewing my portfolio and giving me advice, even after I finished the course."


mario-headshot"I am from Japan, and was taking the 3D modeling course while working full time.
My mentor was very flexible, and because I was learning fast (I was using Blender as a hobby before), he taught me a lot of things that weren't in the lessons. The course I took was very personalized like that.

I did have to do a lot of my own research on how to get a job in Japan as a 3D artist, because CG Spectrum is obviously not a Japanese school and can't possibly help me in a way that a Japanese school can on that part. However, there are plenty of free online resources for that.

I ended up getting a job at a very diverse company in Japan. They told me my portfolio is different from what they usually see from Japanese applicants!"

Ewald V, Virtual Production

"I have recently completed the Intro to Real-time 3D & Virtual Production course and wanted to reflect on what I've learned."


ewaldvorster-headshot"This was a great learning experience for me and appreciate the insight and support from my mentors Simon Warwick and John Robins. I am now enrolled in the full course for Real-time 3D and Virtual Production with William Faucher and I'm super excited to take my work to the next level. I'm truly grateful for what I've learned so far and can't wait to share more."

Tatum C, digital illustration

"Absolutely love this school!"


tatumc-rounded"My teachers were very helpful and I have learned so much about the industry. The highlight I think is the community they nurture. I have great relationships with other students/alumni/teachers from my time at CG Spectrum. Highly recommend this school to anyone!"

Matt c, real-time 3D & virtual production

"Currently halfway through real-time world building with William Faucher and I cannot recommend enough."


mattconroy-rounded"Just the ability to have your level gauged and directed as to where it needs to be by someone within the industry in real-time is priceless. Everything is structured really well but with the flexibility to adapt to my hectic work-life as an engineer. The personal feedback is also second to none and just the chance to ask the small technical questions that crop up during not only the course, but in general, and get fast responses directly from your mentor, is a great help. Also, William is an absolute Gent!"

Laura L, Houdini FX

"I'm so glad I've chosen CG Spectrum's FX course."


lauralekaviciute-rounded"I've always wanted to learn how to make VFX for films, but coming from the traditional education system, I wasn't given the right tools or knowledge for that. Then I found CG Spectrum, and I can honestly say that the amount I've learned in a year studying here is more than I could've ever learned in a traditional school or by myself.

The mentors are incredibly knowledgeable about their field, and they're very helpful and patient, courses are very straightforward and get to the point on teaching you the exact skills needed for this industry. I could have never dreamed to learn what I know now, and I'm able to apply the strong foundation that CG Spectrum has given me on my future education and career. The best part is that you get to be a part of an incredible community of insanely talented students and mentors, I think that's one of the biggest advantages that this school offers."

Antonino C, Real-time 3D & Virtual Production

"I can't stress enough how much I'm enjoying studying here!"


antoninoc-rounded"I started the course out of curiosity, I was brand new to this world but I feel like I got all the answer that I needed and even more. I genuinely think that no matter how much time you have to study per week, your mentors will surely help you get the most out of it!"

Oliver H, Illustration

"I have never experienced such an explosive evolution in my art since attending CG Spectrum."


oliverh-rounded"I took the Advanced Illustration Course as I had some experience with digital painting and wanted to develop my skills and become more comfortable with my abilities. I have learnt an incredible amount, not only from my amazing mentor Eric Wilkerson but from the entire community at CGS. Being part of such an amazing programme has opened my eyes to techniques and processes that have streamlined my process and increased my confidence tenfold.

I highly recommend taking the Advanced Illustration Course if you want to level up your digital painting game and learn from people who can get you ready for the industry. Buckle up, and knuckle down – this could be the course that changes everything for you."

Hannah F, 2D Animation

"I will definitely not be forgetting my time at CG Spectrum anytime soon."


hannahfung-rounded"Before CG Spectrum, my career was in a bit of a stalemate. I already had a background in 3D animation, but I've always been drawn to the hand drawn animation, cartoons, and movies I've grown up watching. But while I knew how to draw, I knew nothing about how to get my flat drawings to move and breathe life like my favorite cartoons did.

That's when I looked online and found CG Spectrum. In no time flat, I was able to quickly pick up hand-drawn 2D animation and finally animate in the way I've always dreamed of doing! Just a year ago, I couldn't even begin to imagine how to animate. Now, I can pull up a blank canvas and animate anything I want. Also, it boggles my mind how many big name animators we have as mentors giving advice, it was such an honor; the cherry on top of this whole experience!

Initially, I had believed that this was going to be very straightforward: "you're here to learn" and nothing else. But there was a thriving community here at CG Spectrum as well. I get to chat and share my animation with other people who are just as crazy about animation as I am. When I became the Technical Assistant for the 2D Animation department at CGS, my attachment to this community only grew! Interacting with the community has also helped me become way more alert and attentive to things happening in the industry, something I had trouble doing before.

I will definitely not be forgetting my time at CG Spectrum anytime soon. I'll still be sticking around as an alumni, sharing and talking about 2D animation all the way. If you need to pick up some skills and find new friends along the way, maybe check out CG Spectrum!"

James B, 3D Animation

"Studying at CG Spectrum has been transformational for me and my career."


jamesboyle-rounded"After a decade spent in a different career I was looking to retrain, and CG Spectrum has helped make that change possible. The approach and professionalism of all the mentors and teachers at the school have helped me navigate this career change with excitement. Equipping me with a fantastic knowledge base and work ethic. I am now in a place where I feel ready to make my way into a new industry."

Lydia L, Game Art & Animation

"I am thoroughly impressed by the quality that CG Spectrum has offered as a school!"


lydialampridou-rounded"Hesitant at first, I eventually decided to enroll in the Foundations for Game Art course. And I am so glad that I did since I have progressed in just nine months from being a complete beginner to creating work that I am actually proud of showing.

My mentors showed interest in my progress and I received honesty and kindness in their critique that pushed me to become better. Even after graduating, they are still there if I need help.

One of my favorite CG Spectrum aspects is its community, full of like-minded people willing to see your work and share feedback. Almost everyone from the school is taking part in this community in some way or another. I have gotten feedback from other students, other mentors, and even the CEO of the school. Seeing students' work has inspired me, and hopefully, my work inspired others as well. And once you get access to that community, you can be there for life!

CG Spectrum treats you like family while retaining professionalism where it is needed. I couldn't be happier that I started my 3D art journey here."

Elisna S, Game Design

"I would recommend CG Spectrum to anyone who is interested in what the school has to offer."


elisnastrydom-rounded"I am really impressed with CG Spectrum: from the classwork, the feedback, the lively student portal as well as all the help provided from all other teams like financial as well as support. For this reason, I would recommend CG Spectrum to anyone who is interested in what the school has to offer."

Harold C, Concept Art & Digital Illustration

"The staff are really awesome. They genuinely care and they work very hard for you."


haroldcandland-rounded"There are plenty of extra curriculars on offer, you can drop in on fundamentals classes (you should definitely do all of them no matter how good you are) that are run every week. The TAs have running friendly competitions. They regularly have workshops and Q&As with big name studios like Industrial Light and Magic. You get out what you put in, but they do their best to make a lot of good available to you while you're there. I'm very happy with their services."

Dagmar F, 2D Animation

"Enrolling at CG Spectrum is the best decision I've made this year."


dagmarford-rounded"If you're planning a career change, CG Spectrum courses will help you set yourself on the right path.

As a Web Developer, taking the 2D Animation made me feel more confident about the possibility of a career change and pursuing job opportunities in the animation industry. It has helped me learn the skills and tools needed in professional environments.

I've enjoyed the live QA sessions and received extremely helpful advice and feedback from my course mentor every time. I was also inspired by the hard work of my classmates and the rest of the CG Spectrum online community. Whenever I've posted my animations on their community channels, I've received very helpful feedback from fellow students, alumni, other course mentors, and teaching assistants. They're all very encouraging and friendly, which really helps when you're feeling a bit shy about sharing your work in progress. They help you improve your skills and grow. It's a great plus that you still have access to that amazing community even after you graduated."

Kamran B, 3D Animation

kamranbashir-rounded"CG Spectrum is the way to go."

"I took the 3D Animation course and loved it. If you're looking for a hands-on experience with industry professionals as your mentors then CG Spectrum is the way to go."

Xin L, Concept Art & Illustration

"Thanks to CG Spectrum, I am a lot closer to my dream of being a concept artist."


xinliu-rounded"I enrolled in the Concept Art and Illustration course. The curriculum structure is very reasonable, with both academic basic theories and useful suggestions for career paths. Thanks to my mentors, Brian Huang and Victoria Sarkissian, who not only taught me drawing skills and design techniques, but more importantly, they also gave me the confidence to continue working hard. I think I will continue to sign up for the Advanced Concept Art course."

Nikita H, Digital Illustration

nikitaheyland-rounded"Completely worth it. Amazing school with amazing mentors."

"I have done the Introduction to Concept Art & Illustration course and am currently in Advanced Digital Illustration and I have loved every bit of it!"

Amy Y, 3D Modeling

"The professionalism and dedication demonstrated by the entire CG Spectrum team cannot nearly be matched by any other schools in the industry!"


amyyu-rounded"I am so thankful and glad to have enrolled in CG Spectrum's 3D modeling program. All the mentors are extremely experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are still currently working in the industry. I have received nothing but helpful and insightful teachings of the course material as well as feedback on how to improve my work. All the staff and students in the CG Spectrum community are super friendly, responsive, and supportive. You can always find the help you need from the community.

I would like to thank Maxine Schnepf for how genuinely dedicated she is as a Career Development Manager and her helpfulness and attentiveness towards students. Recently, not only did Maxine set up a well organized career info session for the students, she also went above and beyond to take very thorough notes on the entire presentation for students to refer back to after the meeting."

Miguel G, 3D Modeling/Rigging

"If you are considering a career change for the CG Industry, try CG Spectrum. You won't regret it!"


miguelgarcia-rounded"After twenty years as a Geophysicist, I heeded an old call of my heart to explore my passion for the CG Industry. After researching a lot, I put this important transitional step of my life in the hands of CG Spectrum. I started introductory classes in 3D modeling and animation. Then I discovered the magic world of rigging. Once I finish learning rigging, I am set to embark on an Advanced 3D Modeling course. Then I will be able to be a Modeler that has the ability to rig his own assets.

CG Spectrum can be summarized in one word: CARE. From the first moment, they really care about you. Mentors take their time to listen to you, answer all your questions. Wonderful assistants help with your projects, encourage you to keep grinding when you’re stuck at something. All these people are part of a wonderful community. They do feel like family!

Once you become a student at CGS, you will always be a student at CGS. You will only be few keystrokes away from connecting to this wonderful community of mentors, assistants, students, and advisors! 

I wanted to give special thanks to Maxine Schnepf (Career Development Manager), for all her time and guidance. Maxine will go out of her way to help guide you! She will take the time to listen to your specific drives, needs and weaknesses, then help you set your goals and craft methodologies to fulfill them. I am really thankful to Maxine for all her unconditional help!"

Jade R, Digital Illustration

jaderiviere-rounded"It's one of the best discoveries of my life."

"Never been so happy to study before. I've learnt so much in such a short time, and not only with the awesome mentors here, but thanks to this big community too! Thanks, CG Spectrum!"

Loris C, Game Design

"CG Spectrum prepares you to work as a professional game designer from day one."


loriscasagrandi-rounded"The most impressive quality CG Spectrum offers is a course that makes study as if you were on your first job. If you are willing to put the energies into studying and do the assignments as if you were on the job, and if you are ready to hear your mentor's suggestions and challenge yourself to push your limits, you will get an experience very similar on the workplace.

CG Spectrum rewards you for every energy you put into the course, and they are very open to meet your real-life needs for giving you the possibility to study at your maximum."

Penny G, Concept Art and Illustration

"My journey with CG Spectrum has been nothing short of incredible!"


pennyg-rounded"For a long time I had been wanting to make a jump into the world of concept art & illustration, but I never seemed to have the time or confidence to admit that it was possible. After browsing schools for what seemed like ages, I finally decided to just dive in and try and reach a higher goal for myself and my career. It was the best personal and professional decision I’ve ever made!

Since enrolling at CG Spectrum, I’ve made new friends, teammates, and peers that are a huge support system. Being able to network in a caring community all while getting in-person help from mentors has been an invaluable experience. These courses have helped me learn much faster than any other school or classroom I’ve ever been in - you’ll get in return what effort you put into it while having fun along the way.

Looking back, I spent so much time trying to learn on my own using free resources - which worked up until a point. But it's that extra push a mentor will give you that really ties it all together, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the support this community and my mentor Eric Wilkerson have given me. Taking a rough concept to a fully-rendered Illustration is something I never could have done before, and now I finally have the skills to make it happen."

Yogendra A, 3D Modeling

"I was able to overcome challenges and gain confidence to keep on learning."


yogendraagarwal-rounded"I decided to try something different and was afraid before starting as everything was new for me and I had zero knowledge related to 3D or this field. But after starting, turns out I was afraid for nothing. With the help of my mentors and the CG Spectrum community, I was able to learn so many new things and was able to overcome challenges and gain confidence to keep on learning."

Clara T, Concept Art & Digital Illustration

"It was literally the absolute best thing that has ever happened to my career and professional life."


clarataboza-rounded"I feel like I’ve improved not only as an artist but as a professional as a whole, as the classes integrate every single detail of the artist life. The doors really open for us all and there’s nothing I’d change."

Michelle V, 3D Modeling

michellevue-rounded"I'm currently enrolled in the Advanced 3D Modeling course and love it!"

"I've learned so much over the past year and am thrilled to have the skills now to make a career change and apply for my dream job.

Update: As my final semester is coming to an end, I've accepted an internship role at Pixar. I'm excited to begin this new phase of my journey - thanks so much CG Spectrum!"

Jessica G, Digital Illustration

"This school will put you on the right path"


"I had stumbled upon CG Spectrum not knowing what to expect, but the knowledge and skills I have gained from these classes have helped me grow tremendously as an artist.

I took both the Intro and Advanced Concept Art classes with Brandon, and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Not only does he genuinely care about his students, but he has years of experience that are invaluable. These courses are not easy, but are designed to constantly push you in many ways. I would recommend this school if you are willing to put in the time and effort, because it is worth it!"

Jesse C, 3D Modeling

jessecushing-rounded"Taking classes at CG spectrum has been such a pleasure."

"I am learning so much faster than when I was studying on my own, I wish I had signed up sooner."

Reed Y, VFX Compositing

"My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner!"


reedyerien-rounded"I enrolled in the Nuke VFX Compositing course and found the experience to be very beneficial. My mentor (Gen Camilleri) was excellent and helped me accelerate my learning with our weekly meetings. Once I completed the course, I was left with some great portfolio pieces for my showreel but the service didn’t stop there. I was given free ongoing help with a Career Development Manager (Maxine Schnepf), who helped me polish my resume and LinkedIn profile to help kickstart my career."

Ra V, Concept Art

ravashtar-rounded"I learned a ton of great skills with CG Spectrum!"

"Brandon Reimchen was a fantastic mentor! I’m currently doing freelance work creating art assets for an indie game title. Thank you, CG Spectrum!"

Henry W, Concept Art & Illustration

"They give you the right tools for the right job."


henrywong-rounded"I enrolled in the Concept Art and Illustration course without any art background (theoretical and practical). Thanks to my enthusiastic mentors, Eric Wilkerson and Brian Huang, and knowledgeable fellas in group chat, I was able to improve my skills in a short time."

Baylee K, 3D Modeling

"Thank you, CG Spectrum, for giving me hope in my career and always motivating me to do more with my art and work every day."


bayeleegrace-rounded"When I found this school I was completely head over heels in love. I started at a basic university, and the curriculum was miserable! I've been working on my 3D Modeling course and I'm about 2/3 through the course. YES this place is legit! Everyone is so helpful and welcoming. I've learned so much in six months and it's a good amount of work that can keep you working. There's also a very bright and supportive community behind it. Once I finish with 3D Modeling, I am most definitely going to try out Concept Art Design and Game Art Design as well. You definitely get your money's worth with this place. Thank you, CG Spectrum, for giving me hope in my career and always motivating me to do more with my art and work every day."

Raphael H, Game Programming

"In short: it is a complete package with the goal of helping us to conquer our dream job!"


RaphaelHamzagic-rounded"My eyes shone when I read about the CG Spectrum's Game Programming course! I didn't expect to find a C++ programming course aimed at the gaming industry and of such quality. Since the first contact, the school staff have been very friendly and professional. There is a genuine interest in helping us achieve our goals. The course content is very well designed, covering from basic to advanced topics in a concise and didactic way. The big difference, in my opinion, is that we have the guidance of a very high level professional who works in the industry: Bryan Griffiths in my case!

In addition to masterfully explaining all technical questions on the various programming topics, he shares immeasurable knowledge of the industry. The sessions go beyond the course content, where Bryan adapted some topics based on my goals. In addition to the incredible guidance, he points out books, websites and many other super valuable resources. Talking to him is a privilege and gives me the impression that I am already part of the industry! In addition to the specific content of the course, we have access to career development sessions, guided by Maxine Schnepf. These are classes where we receive guidance and discuss essential career topics. An amazing journey!"

Eli B, Game Design

"CG Spectrum is helping me grow as a game designer and as a person."

eliberger-rounded"Both my mentor Andrejs Verlis and Dept. Head, Troy Dunniway, have been so encouraging and empowering. It doesn’t even feel like school. I’m finally seeing so many of my interests culminate, and I’m excited to leverage the great networking and career development here for a beautiful future."

Patricia V, Concept Art

"The community is welcoming and helpful."


patriciavasquez-rounded"I couldn't be happier with my time at CG Spectrum. Communication with the mentors is really easy and they push you to achieve the best. I really enjoyed my experience. I would totally recommend."

Chris F, Game Design

"CG Spectrum's game design course is the all encompassing 'under the hood' vocational platform for aspiring AAA design professionals."


chrisfarkouh-rounded"The course spells out all the skills you need to succeed in a AAA studio and then gives you the resources and tips and tricks for you to go and do it for yourself through a mixture of assignment and project work.

My mentor, veteran designer Troy Dunniway, is the icing on the cake! He takes great interest in steering and supporting me as I work my way through the design of my own major game concept, he even gives me weekly challenges to go and buff up on topics that are of particular interest to me.

Being a game designer is VERY multidisciplinary, I would recommend this course to anyone who is up for the challenge of learning to conceive & design their own games, then bringing them to life as working prototypes."

Brandon J, Concept Art

"I honestly couldn’t have had a better experience with the classes."


brandonjenner-rounded"I got an hour each week of dedicated one on one time with the mentor. He would give me critiques and paint overs of my work. The paint overs from a professional are the biggest benefit in my opinion.

Not only are the classes immensely helpful, the staff are quick to answer emails and they even went out of their way to send my certificates to colleges here in the USA, which helped me get accepted to some of the top art schools on the east coast."

Stephanie S, 3D Modeling

"If you’re looking to make a jump into the creative industry, I could not recommend this more!"


stephaniesoong-rounded"A bit skeptical at first. Looking through the website, CG Spectrum seemed like it was too good to be true. After biting the bullet and signing up for the 3D Modeling course, looking back, it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I was switching from a career in healthcare to 3D Modeling and was full of anxiety and nerves. Ever since I started, every single mentor, staff member, and even the COO have been so hands-on and directly involved in my learning. Co-Directors of top box office movies and supervisors of major Netflix TV shows are giving me direct, detailed, video feedback on my projects. In tandem with the robust courses offered and supreme network of high-level industry professionals, CG Spectrum students also have access to a database of learning resources, strong community of like-minded students, and an awesome career development class to prepare you for your dream job. As a student, it has surpassed my expectations."

Matt M, Concept Art & Illustration

"I have found a greater confidence in my own work and as an artist."


mattmoriarty-rounded"I studied Introduction to Concept Art & Illustration, and it was fantastic. I have studied graphic design and digital media in the past but I wanted a refresh on illustration in a digital way. CG Spectrum was amazing! My mentor Brian was great! A good man with real care for his students. I couldn't be happier with my time at CG Spectrum. I am looking to continue my studies with them."

Pronoy D, 3D Modeling

"The course material covers a lot in a shorter time frame."


PronoyDutta-rounded"I was really happy with the constructive feedback given to me by my mentor for a 1-on-1 Introduction to 3D Modeling program. The industry tips and workflows recommended helped me get a more robust understanding of workflow fundamentals. I'd recommend CG Spectrum for the calibre of training."

Shravani K, 3D Animation

ShravaniKulkarni-rounded"I've learned so much about not only animation, but the thought process an artist goes through when creating a piece."

"It's definitely been extremely helpful for my portfolio and my confidence as an artist!"

Ahmed A, Illustration

"CG Spectrum isn't only for people wanting to break into the industry, it's for professionals who are in the industry as well."


AhmedAlbastaki-rounded"I am a concept artist at Paradox Interactive in Sweden, and I wanted to expand my illustration skills, so I decided to take the Digital Illustration course. And I am loving it!! It is exactly what I needed, and my mentor Eric is modifying the feedback sessions to suit my needs. If you are a professional and want to learn a new skill, I would say go ahead! Expand your set of skills! I am already thinking of 2D animation after I am done with illustration."

Filip R, Concept Art & Illustration

"Results of this course exceeded my expectations."


FilipRozmarynowicz-rounded"Eric Wilkerson is by far my favorite art teacher. He is patient, super duper helpful and encouraging. I had some self discipline problems with drawing and painting but when I started Introduction to Concept Art & Illustration course with Eric, he immediately set me on a right path and I started drawing and learning every single day.

He was always available if I had any questions or problems with my assignments. His easy-going style and constant smile never made me feel bad when I made mistakes - on contrary it motivated me even more to work and learn on those mistakes."

Tom G, Concept Art

"I've never improved as an artist so quickly."


tomgarden-rounded"Great course. They teach you what you need to know and don't waste your time with stuff that just fills out a course. It was specific to what I needed to know. The classes are very personable and the mentors are industry professionals that never hesitate to put in the effort to help you out. I definitely would recommend this to people interested in getting into the industry. It's set up so that industry professionals (who are still working in the industry) are teaching you. They are at the top of their game. You get the connections as well as the skill and insight into the industry. These guys tick all the boxes in my opinion."

Andrea L, 3D Animation

"I learned things I don't think I could have in a normal college setting."


andrealux-rounded"Absolutely amazing school! I recommend doing this for complete newbs like I was who want to become Animators. Mark Pullyblank was an amazing, kind, and helpful mentor who made sure I always knew what I was doing. He's probably one of the most dedicated professors I know and he made sure he went over everything thoroughly with me and was quick to answer my questions. I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn 3D Animation. The online assistant Amanda was super helpful as well whenever I had any complications. Definitely 10/10."

Luis M, 3D Modeling

"I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience at CG Spectrum."


luismansur-rounded"I recently finished the 'Introduction to 3D Modeling' course. I went in with about a year’s worth of other online 3D Modeling courses but none compared to CG Spectrum. I have learnt so much from this course, and I had an amazing mentor (Anton Tenitsky) who pushed me to perfection on all the models I made while taking the course. It was the best decision I made in order to pursue my end goal. I took the next step and enrolled in the Advanced course and I have nothing but good expectations of the outcomes of that course once it starts!"

Pietro T, 3D Modeling

PietroTrizzullo-rounded"One of the best learning experiences of my life."

"In less than a year I was able to achieve results I could never imagine!"

Alan R, Nuke Compositing

alanrobinson-rounded"CG Spectrum was hands down the best decision I've made for my career."

"The learning material and staff were great and having an industry mentor was an invaluable asset that really helped me get my break in the VFX industry."

Samaya M, 3D Modeling

SamayaMamedova-rounded"Exceeded all my expectations!"

"CG Spectrum is an excellent online college. I had the best modeling course there!"

Paula C, Illustration

"Eric Wilkerson is truly an excellent mentor"


PaulaCesarec-rounded"It is a pleasure to be in his class. Firstly, he is so knowledgeable and his tutorials are packed with valuable information. Secondly, he is very patient and always takes time to find the best solution for problems his students encounter. On top of that, he is an AMAZING artist!”

Katina F, Concept Art

“I legitimately love this school!"


KatinaFimmel-rounded"I had a bit of a rocky start due to a crazy working schedule, but after talking to Steve and the team they managed to help me work out a way to still pursue my dreams while dealing with my crazy lifestyle. Now I'm on my way to completing my course and chasing my dream job. All of the teachers are wonderfully friendly, fun, hard working and truly want to make sure that you understand the subject material. They're only ever an email away - I've never met a harder working and more dedicated bunch. Thanks for everything guys!”

Lauren W, Game Illustration

“Loving every minute of it."


LaurenWakley-rounded"As an aspiring Concept Artist, it's been amazing to have an industry professional as a mentor. Brandon Reimchen, my mentor, has not only been able to teach me new skills and techniques in regards to my art but also how to apply my craft in a client based situation.

Having one on one feedback has been so helpful, for example submitting in a concept and receiving back a paint over and a 30 minute video of well thought out and detailed constructive feedback. I've learned so much in these past 6 months and have also gained much more motivation to work hard for my dream job.”

Richard S, 3D Animation

"The amount of one-on-one is second to none."


richardshilling-rounded"My time with CG Spectrum has been an invaluable learning experience. Having never done an online course, I didn’t expect to receive the level of personalised learning and quality teaching that I have experienced so far. The techniques that I have been taught have not only improved my animation skills by leaps and bounds, but they have also taught me to be a better storyteller through animation.

Aside from the skills I’ve learned, I have also gained a great amount of insight into the industry which will definitely aid in my career as an animator. If you’re looking to enhance your specialist skills to an industry level, CG Spectrum is the place to be.”

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