Code of Conduct Information

CG Spectrum (the “Institution”) expects students to meet and adhere to its Code of Conduct while completing a program of study. The requirements of the Code of Conduct are set out below. If students need any clarification or have any questions regarding the Code of Conduct, they should contact the Head of Academics.

“Student” is defined as including prospective students as well as those currently registered or enrolled in any CG Spectrum programs or activity.

Dismissal Policy

Requirements for students:

  • Attend classes and submit assignments in accordance with CG Spectrum Student Attendance Policy.
  • Treat all students and staff with respect.
  • Treat school property with respect.
  • Complete all assignments by the scheduled completion dates and complete all examinations on the scheduled examination dates.
  • Do not engage in any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to the other students, staff members, instructors or the Institution.

The Institution forbids: disruptive or offensive classroom behavior; attendance of classes while under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited mood altering substances; the making of inappropriate remarks concerning another student or staff or instructor’s ethnicity, race, religion or sexual orientation and any other conduct which is determined to be detrimental or damaging to other students, staff members, instructors or the Institution.

Any of the following, if substantiated, will result in immediate dismissal without a warning letter or probationary period:

  • Sexual assault or harassment
  • Verbal abuse or threats
  • Vandalism of School property
  • Theft

Students who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct will be subject to the procedures outlined below, which may include immediate dismissal from the institution depending on the severity of the misconduct.

Concerns related to a student’s conduct shall be handled in accordance with this Policy.


1) All concerns relating to student misconduct shall be directed to the Head of Academics. Concerns may be brought by staff, instructors, students or the public.

2) The Head of Academics will arrange to meet with the student via online meeting software to discuss the concern(s) within 5 school days of receiving the complaint. If the alleged conduct is of such a serious nature that an immediate dismissal may be warranted, the Head of Academics will meet with the student as soon as possible.

3) Following the meeting with the student, the Head of Academics will conduct whatever further enquiries or investigations as are necessary to determine whether the concerns are substantiated.

4) Any necessary inquiries or investigations shall be completed within 5 school days of the initial meeting with the student.

5) The Head of Academics will have a further meeting with the student and will do one of the following:

  1. Determine that the concern(s) were not substantiated;
  2. Determine that the concern(s) were substantiated, in whole or in part, and either:

(i) Give the student a warning setting out the consequences of further misconduct;

(ii)Set a probationary period with appropriate conditions; or

(iii) Recommend that the student be dismissed from the Institution.

6) The Head of Academics will prepare a written summary of the determination. A copy shall be given to the student, a copy will be placed in the Institution’s complaint file, and the original will be placed in the student file.

7) If the student is issued a warning or placed on probation, the Head of Academics and the student must both sign the written warning or probationary conditions and a copy shall be given to the student. The original document will be placed in the student’s file.

8) If the recommendation is to dismiss the student, the Head of Academics will meet with the student via online meeting software or by phone to dismiss him/ her from study at the Institution. The Senior Educational Administrator will deliver to the student a letter of dismissal.

9) If a refund is due to the student, the Senior Educational Administrator will ensure that a cheque is forwarded to the student within 30 days of the dismissal.

10) If the student owes tuition or other fees to the Institution, the Senior Educational Administrator may undertake the collection of the amount owing. The student must pay the Institution any outstanding tuition or other fees within 15 days of the dismissal.

Student Attendance Policy


Your schedule for classes and submissions will be sent to you by the Head of Academics or Operations Coordinator.


Although it is strongly recommended that students attend all online critique sessions, if a student is unable to attend an online critique session, the student must have submitted their work prior to the scheduled session for the instructor to critique it in the presence of the rest of the class, so that all students can learn from one another’s critiques.

If a student’s weekly project is not submitted by the due date, it is at the discretion of the instructor as to whether he/she will critique the late submission.

If a final submission is not submitted by the due date, it is at the discretion of the instructor as to whether he/ she will critique or fail the student. In the industry, a missed deadline could result in termination of employment, therefore, CG Spectrum teaching methods emphasize the importance of meeting deadlines.

Should the student exceed 3 late submissions without reasonable cause, it will be at the discretion of the Senior Educational Administrator to dismiss the student from the program.

Furthermore, the above also includes 3 weeks of inactivity of no login into the online learning modules and system.

Refund Policy

1) A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees in the event that:

  1. The student provides notice via email to the institution that he or she is withdrawing from the program; or
  2. The institution provides notice via email to the student advising that the student has been dismissed from the program.

2) The written notice of withdrawal or dismissal may be delivered in any manner, provided that a receipt or other form of verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered.

3) The notice of withdrawal or dismissal is deemed to be effective from the date the notice is delivered.

4) The refund to which a student is entitled to is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than the amount that has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.

5) If the institution has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to under the student contract, the excess amount will be refunded within 7 business days.

6) Refund policy for students:

  1. Refunds before the program of study commences: A student who withdraws before the commencement of the course is entitled to a full refund.

7) Refunds after the program of study commences:

  1. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution or a student is dismissed within 7 days after the commencement date of the course is entitled to a full refund.
  2. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution or a student is dismissed after the 7th day of the course but before or on the 21st day of the course, the institution may retain 30% of the total tuition fees due under the contract.
  3. If written notice of withdrawal is received by the institution or a student is dismissed after the 21st day of the course but before the end of the 60th day after course commencement, the institution may retain 60% of the total tuition fees due under the contract.
  4. A student withdrawing after the first study term/period of study is not entitled to receive a refund.

Privacy Policy

Effective: 1 July 2018

Your privacy is important to us and we are committed to responsibly handling your personal data taking all reasonable steps to protect your information from misuse and to keep it secure. We believe it is important to inform you about how we will use your personal data and we encourage you to read this policy carefully. You can find information about how, whether, and why we collect and use your personal information on our Website. We have divided the Policy into different sections.


Who We Are


Personal Data We Collect

How we collect your information

How we use your information

Cookies Statement

Important notice in relation to fraudulent documentation

Security of your information

Age Limitations

Data Retention

Your Rights

Accuracy, access and correction

What to do if you have a complaint

Other Websites

Revision of our Privacy Policy

How to contact us

Who We Are

CG Spectrum is an online school for Animation, Visual Effects, Concept Art and Game Design.

Our headquarters are based in Melbourne, Australia.

CG Spectrum Pty Ltd, Level 1, 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3205, is responsible for using your personal data, together with other related CG Spectrum companies. CG will be referred to hereafter as ‘CG Spectrum’ or ‘we’.


This privacy policy applies to all personal data that is collected and used by us when you create a CG Spectrum account when you visit or use the websites, applications, or other services of CG Spectrum (‘Services’), participate in events or contests of CG Spectrum or interact with us through social media or otherwise. For purposes of this privacy policy, ‘personal data’ means any information through which we can identify you, as further described below in Personal Data We Collect.

This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal data. You understand that through your use of the Services you consent to the collection and use (as outlined in the Privacy Policy) of this information, including the transfer of this information to the United States, and/or other countries for storage, processing and use by CG Spectrum and its affiliates.

If you do not agree to any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, you should not use CG Spectrum’s website, services, lodge a CG Spectrum application, or provide CG Spectrum with any personal data.

By visiting the CG Spectrum website, submitting an application, or using any of our services or providing us with your information, you agree to your information being collected, held, used and disclosed as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data We Collect

Where practicable, we will give you the option of interacting with us anonymously or using a pseudonym.

We collect the personal data necessary for us to provide you with the services you have requested from us, and to manage your CG Spectrum application (jointly referred to as “Personal Data”). You do not have to provide us with your personal data, but if you do not do so, we may not be able to provide you with some or all of our services.

By disclosing personal data to CG Spectrum, you are consenting to its collection. If CG Spectrum receives unsolicited personal data about you, this personal data may be included in your CG Spectrum application. This may include personal or sensitive information that CG Spectrum could not have solicited from you. CG Spectrum may choose to destroy unsolicited personal data about you that is not relevant to CG Spectrum’s functions.

The personal data that you are currently required to provide to lodge a CG Spectrum application includes:


  • full name (including any previous name(s))
  • address(es) (including any previous address(es))
  • date of birth
  • email address
  • telephone number(s)
  • qualification information
  • gender
  • citizenship/residency status
  • English proficiency

From time to time you may have the option to participate in surveys or other activities intended to improve CG Spectrum’s Services, which may involve providing additional personal data. Your participation in such activities is subject to your consent.

How we collect your information

We may collect your information in various ways, including but not limited to:

  • CG Spectrum application and website
  • email
  • telephone
  • written correspondence
  • in person
  • via social media

How We Use Your Personal Data

We only use your personal data for the purpose for which it was provided to us, related purposes, purposes for which you consent, and as otherwise required or permitted by law.

Such purposes include:

  • provision of information about any of CG Spectrum’s services that may be relevant to you
  • provision of information about institution services which may be relevant to you
  • responding to your enquiries
  • to identify you when you log into CG Spectrum’s online services or otherwise contact CG Spectrum
  • providing you with services you have requested
  • processing your CG Spectrum application to determine your eligibility for courses
  • advising you about subject prerequisites
  • maintaining/administering your application
  • processing payments you have authorised
  • any other purposes identified at the time of collecting your information.

We will only use your sensitive information for the purposes for which it was initially collected, other directly related purposes or purposes to which you otherwise consent.

Cookies Statement

A cookie is a small data file that is placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Website owners widely use cookies in order to make their websites work, or to work more efficiently, as well as to provide reporting information. We and our third party providers use cookies to:

  • Personalise your visit to our website (as a cookie allows a web server to ‘remember’ visitors on subsequent visits without having to prompt them for information previously supplied. A cookie can also remember courses previously viewed by a site visitor)
  • Provide information about CG Spectrum to you while you browse
  • Obtain non-identifying information about your demographic group and general interests.

Important notice in relation to fraudulent documentation

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) authorises CG Spectrum to use and disclose your personal data without following the provisions in this Privacy Policy where CG Spectrum has reason to suspect that you have engaged in serious misconduct in relation to CG Spectrum’s functions, if the use or disclosure of the personal data is necessary in order for CG Spectrum to take appropriate action in relation to the misconduct.

CG Spectrum considers the provision of fraudulent documentation to be serious misconduct in relation to CG Spectrum’s functions. Therefore, if CG Spectrum has reason to suspect that you have presented fraudulent documentation of any kind, CG Spectrum may use or disclose your personal data in a manner inconsistent with this Privacy Policy to the extent required to undertake an investigation into that documentation and to take appropriate action in light of the outcome of the investigation.

Security of your information

We will take reasonable steps (including any measures required by law) to ensure your information is protected and secure.

For any payments you make via our websites, over the telephone or face to face, we use a recognised payment service provider that is required to take reasonable steps to protect your information. We also take reasonable precautions to ensure that any information you provide to us through our websites is transferred securely.

However, no data protection and security measures are completely secure. Despite all the measures we have put in place, we cannot guarantee the security of your information, particularly in relation to transmissions over the internet. Accordingly, any information which you transmit to us is transmitted at your own risk. You must take care to ensure you protect your information (for example, by protecting your CG Spectrum usernames and passwords) and you should notify us as soon as possible after you become aware of any security breaches.

Age Limitations

Our online Services are not directed to children under 13 years of age.  If you believe we have collected information about a child under the age of 13, please contact our so that we may take appropriate steps to delete such information.

If you are at least 13 but under 16 years of age, please get the consent of your parent or legal guardian before you give us any personal data about yourself. Your parent or guardian should contact CG Spectrum and provide us with their name, e-mail address and any other identifying information that we may request. CG Spectrum needs this information in order to verify that they have provided the necessary consent. We may follow up by phone or other means in some circumstances. If you are at least 13 but under 16 years of age, do not contact us or provide us with any personal data until after your parent or guardian has sent us an e-mail consenting to your contact and provision of such information.

Data Retention

CG Spectrum retains your personal data for as long as required to satisfy the purpose for which they were collected and used (for example, for the time necessary for us to complete your application, send you the newsletters you subscribed to, to provide you with customer service, answer queries or resolve technical problems, etc.), unless a longer period is necessary for our legal obligations or to defend a legal claim.

If you have created an CG Spectrum account with us, we will delete that account and your personal data upon your request or 30 days after it has become inactive. We will consider your account ‘inactive’ when you haven’t used your CG Spectrum account for a period of 2 years. When we cancel your account, your personal data will be deleted. If we need to store certain types of your personal data for a longer period due to legal requirements, we will store such data in accordance with the mandatory periods.

Your Rights

You have the following rights concerning your personal data: right to be informed, right of access, right of rectification, right to erasure, right to restrict data processing, right to object against automated decision making and profiling and your right to data portability. If you would like to contact us regarding any of these rights, please email us at

To the extent that we are relying on our legitimate interests to use your personal data, you also have the right to object to such use (unless we can either demonstrate compelling legitimate grounds for the use that override your interests, rights and freedoms or where we need to process the data for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims).

Without undue delay and not later than within a month, we will respond to your request to invoke your rights consistent with applicable law.

You may revoke your consent for receiving marketing communications at any time, free of charge by following the instructions in any marketing communication. You can also control these preferences in your profile settings. CG Spectrum will then stop applying the research results to you at an individual level and will stop sending you marketing communications.

In case you may have a question or complaint about how we process your personal data, you can send an email to Alternatively, you may consider lodging a complaint with a supervisory data protection authority.

Accuracy, access and correction

We take reasonable steps to ensure the information we collect and hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date. However, we rely on you to advise us of any changes to your information or corrections required to the information we hold about you. You can notify us of a change to your information in the following ways:

  • online enquiry submitted to
  • in person: Level 1, 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3205
  • written correspondence: Attn: CG Spectrum Privacy Officer, Level 1, 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3205

CG Spectrum will, upon request, provide you with access to the personal data we hold about you unless otherwise required or permitted by law. Access to personal data must be made by e-mailing . If you require another means of accessing your personal data CG Spectrum will facilitate this request as long as it is reasonable.

What to do if you have a complaint

If you wish to make an enquiry about a possible breach of this Privacy Policy or the privacy principles of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) or a formal complaint, you can contact us by:


  • online enquiry submitted to
  • written correspondence: Attn: CG Spectrum Privacy Officer, Level 1, 164 Kings Way, South Melbourne, Victoria, AUSTRALIA, 3205

Formal complaint

Formal complaints about a breach of this Privacy Policy or the Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988  (Cth) must be made in writing to CG Spectrum reserves the right to request any supporting evidence and/or information to substantiate the complaint/breach.

We will refer your complaint to the responsible officer at CG Spectrum, who will investigate the issue and determine the steps we will undertake to resolve your complaint. We will contact you if we require any additional information from you and will notify you in writing of the determination in relation to your complaint.

If you are not satisfied with our determination, you can contact us to discuss your concerns or complain to the Australian Privacy Commissioner.

Other Websites

The Website may contain links to other websites (“Third Party Links”) that we provide solely as a convenience to you during your use of the Website. CG Spectrum does not endorse such websites and is not responsible for any content contained therein. If you decide to access any Third Party Links, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Revision of our Privacy Policy

CG Spectrum reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy or any part of it from time to time. Please review this policy periodically for changes. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will notify this change by putting a notice on our public website

Your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy is constituted by your continued use of our services or website, or the provision of further personal or sensitive information to us after this Privacy Policy has been revised.

How to contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or its implementation, please email