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In just 9 months, this VFX for beginners course will give you a solid foundation in 3D modeling, animation and VFX, so you can get hands-on practice with each discipline and confidently decide which area you'd like to specialize in. You’ll learn VFX software used by top production studios all over the world, and start your journey into the industry!

Why study VFX at CG Spectrum:

  • Get the latest skills studios are hiring for
  • Be mentored by VFX artists with real-world experience
  • Learn Maya, Substance Painter, Houdini & Nuke 
  • Private 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)


CG Spectrum is an online visual effects school where you are personally mentored by some of the best film and video game artists. You'll be guided step-by-step through the entire VFX post-production process, develop a solid understanding of CGI and motion graphics, get hands-on experience, and graduate with original work for your demo reel.

Enjoy a personalized education experience like no other with unrivalled support and feedback from a mentor who is invested in your success. On graduation, you can further your career training with an Advanced Diploma in your chosen discipline.

Industry Qualification


Study duration

9 months


40 hrs weekly

Skill level



Basic computer skills & min. computer specs


Weekly online classes, feedback and support

Included software

Maya, Substance Painter, Houdini, Nuke

Start date

Aug 2, 2021

Why study with us

Learn VFX from seasoned industry pros with years of real-world experience

Specialized expert-led visual effects programs to help you build job skills and a competitive edge

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Industry Mentors

Learn from mentors who have worked on major films and games

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Build practical, relevant job skills that studios are looking for

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An industry-approved curriculum to get you started in the film and games industry

Term 1: 12 weeks
Animation & Modeling for VFX

Dive right in to your VFX course with 3D modeling, animation and visual effects exercises using Maya, Substance Painter, and Houdini. Practice setting up a proper workflow–a vital skill you’ll use throughout your career. Have a go at creating a realistic animation using the 12 Principles of Animation, then move onto basic 3D props. Finish with portfolio pieces including animation walk cycles, character jumps, 3D models such as stylized props or weapons, plus a space rover or robot model.

Learn how to:

  • Be fluent in software used by VFX studios
  • Animate and build 3D models from scratch
  • Create believable motion in your animation
  • Retopolgize hi-res objects for clean line flow

Animation Foundations (Stream A)

  1. Introduction to 3D Animation & Rigs
  2. Posing a Character
  3. Timing & Spacing
  4. Overlap & Follow Through
  5. Pose Transitions 01
  6. Pose Transitions 02
  7. Lower Body Walk Cycle
  8. Lower Body Run Cycle
  9. Full Body Walk Cycle
  10. Full Body Run Cycle
  11. Walk Across the Screen 01
  12. Walk Across the Screen 02

3D Modeling Foundations (Stream B)

  1. Introduction: Modeling
  2. Blocking a Model with Reference
  3. Model Finalizing & Cleanup
  4. Re-Topology Basics
  5. Using Deformers
  6. Lighting & Rendering
  7. High Poly Modeling for Film
  8. Low Poly Modeling for Games
  9. UV Theory
  10. UV Layout & Texture Preparation
  11. Introduction: Substance Painter
  12. Texturing & Presentation
Term 2: 12 weeks
Character Art, Animation & Environment Modeling

Build on your animation and 3D modeling foundation knowledge with more complex projects. Start animating characters interacting with their surroundings and see how they respond to physical force by creating combat actions for film and games. Next, you’ll learn all about human anatomy and create your own 3D character with clothing, hair and accessories. Finally, using a concept design as a guide, you’ll create a realistic 3D environment with assets like buildings, trees, rocks and props.

Learn how to:

  • Realistically animate characters
  • Build your own character animation rig
  • Create 3D environments from scratch
  • Texture, light and render 3D assets

Intermediate Animation (Stream A)

  1. Run and Jump 01
  2. Run and Jump 02
  3. Parkour 01
  4. Parkour 02
  5. Forces & Weight 01
  6. Forces & Weight 02
  7. Weight Lift 01
  8. Weight Lift 02
  9. Combat Actions 01
  10. Combat Actions 02
  11. Fight Scene 01
  12. Fight Scene 02

Intermediate 3D Modeling (Stream B)

  1. Introduction: Character Modeling
  2. Character Modeling Techniques
  3. Clothing and Accessories
  4. Character UV & Texturing
  5. Hair in Maya
  6. Character Presentation
  7. Introduction: Environment Modeling
  8. Environment Basics: Modeling
  9. Environment Basics: Texturing
  10. Organic Modeling
  11. Hard Surface Modeling
  12. Texturing & Presentation
Term 3: 12 weeks
FX & Compositing for VFX

Your VFX training is not complete until you can confidently produce stunning visual effects for the film in Houdini and Nuke. Learn how to create dynamic particle effects and seamlessly implement them into a scene using lighting and rendering. Then bring it all together in a final composition. By the end of this course you will have a hands-on understanding of the VFX pipeline, several cool portfolio pieces, and a clearer idea of which specialty you wish to pursue in the film industry.

Learn how to:

  • Create unreal visual effects for film
  • Use simulation and particle techniques
  • Light and composite your shot
  • Professionally present your work

VFX Production

  1. Introduction to Houdini Networks
  2. Creating Motion in Houdini
  3. Particle FX Project
  4. Transforming Attributes
  5. Intro to RBD FX
  6. RBD FX Project
  7. Intro to Pyro
  8. Pyro Project
  9. Intro to FLIP
  10. Flip project
  11. FX Project Presentation
  12. FX Project Presentation

Get direct access to VFX artists and learn from the best

All VFX classes are taught by industry mentors with years of experience working on films and video games at major studios around the world

Study Options

Small Class

The most affordable way to learn from top industry mentors in a fun, collaborative environment, while still getting plenty of personalized feedback.

  • Max. 4 students per course
  • Affordable high-quality education
  • Network while you learn
Study Options

1-on-1 Private

Progress faster and enjoy more flexiblity with private mentorship. Ideal for busy schedules, career-changers, or artists upgrading skills or changing specialties.

  • Maximum level of mentor interaction
  • Greater flexibility to schedule classes
  • Customized learning experience


$1,185 USD

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$3,199 USD

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$1,485 USD

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Save 10%

Per Term
$3,999 USD

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