Real-time 3D & Virtual Production Careers

Explore the career paths available to Real-time 3D Artists in the film and video games industry

Real-time 3D & Virtual Production Careers

Discover your real-time 3D career pathway

Virtual production encourages a nonlinear and collaborative process of more traditional production. It is used in all kinds of content creation across film, games, and beyond! Click on each role for detailed job descriptions, salary information, and more, and find out what it's like to work in virtual production. 


Become a real-time 3D artist for film and games

Begin your journey with expert mentorship from top real-time 3D and virtual production experts who've worked on blockbuster films and best-selling games! Our courses include personalized feedback from your industry mentor, small class sizes, and access to our vibrant online community. Explore beginner and advanced online courses and get closer to your career goals.