CG Spectrum new Realtime 3D & Virtual Production course is here!

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UPDATE: Enrollments are now open for CG Spectrum's new virtual production courses: the Introduction to Realtime & Virtual Production Certificate and Realtime 3D Technical Art and Virtual Production Diploma. To join the first intake in September, apply now!

Developed by realtime experts at the forefront of virtual production technology, this study pathway is designed to give you practical job skills, plus a broad knowledge of the Unreal Engine and surrounding pipelines so you can make a valuable contribution on the job from day one.

Learn worldbuilding, lighting, and camera essentials, and discover how to create film quality cinematic shots in Unreal. With industry professionals as your mentors, you'll learn develop your realtime 3d technical skills and see how they can be applied in the real world for job roles on a stage volume. Graduate with an original portfolio piece to show employers and the skills to make a valuable contribution from your first day on the job.

A Booming Industry

New technologies are shaking up the industry, with producers financing productions that use these new streamlined processes. Studios invested USD1.4 billion globally in virtual production projects in 2020, with investment projected to increase to the tune of 15.9% by 2028 (Source: Open PR).

While many established practitioners are struggling to keep up with seismic changes to filmmaking workflows, this is an ideal time for rookies to enter the industry ahead of the curve armed with new disciplines and skills. The opportunity is ripe to take the lead in virtual production advancements early in your career.

Why CG Spectrum?

CG Spectrum is an Unreal Academic Partner offering industry-standard courses in VFX, animation, and game development. This new online Realtime Technical Art and Virtual Production course is an exciting new addition to our curriculum, offering future filmmakers training in this exciting new field.

Our courses are intense and short. Classes are kept small (maximum of 4 students, or private 1-on-1 option) so that you received customized and highly personalized training. Courses are led by industry professionals who act as mentors who guide you through the material as well as providing insight into working at a studio or as a freelancer.

Our curriculum is focused on helping you get job-ready once you have graduated; you will exit your course with a professional portfolio and have access to our Career Development department which advises on the job application process.

Study is conducted 100% online, with live weekly calls with your industry mentor. You can schedule your classes around family and work commitments, our courses fit into your lifestyle. Build online communities and connections while you study, online courses break down borders and help you find your international community.

Learn realtime 3d technical art and virtual production for film and games!

To meet the film and game industry's demand for trained realtime artists, CG Spectrum is thrilled to bring you two new courses: the Introduction to Realtime & Virtual Production Certificate and the Realtime 3D Technical Art and Virtual Production Diploma. Hit the button below to learn more about the curriculum, start date, course cost, and to see who could be teaching you!



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