CG Spectrum's 2022 Houdini FX student showcase makes a big splash

Art: Ivan Bolonic

1 minute read


An FX artist is responsible for FX animation, procedural simulations, dynamic simulations, and particle and fluid systems—but what exactly does that mean?

In film and games, it translates to earth-shattering explosions, colossal tidal waves, blazing fires, reams of smoke, magic spells, devastating destruction, and so much more!

Under the mentorship of FX pros with years of film and games industry experience, our Houdini FX Course students have created some seriously cool FX, taking their new technical Houdini skills gained from our industry-led curriculum and weaving in their own creativity!

As a Houdini Certified School, we're so impressed at the quality of work created by our students and are beyond proud to share our FX and Simulation student showreel with you—it's sure to make a splash!

Need to build up your FX showreel to get your dream job?

houdini-certified-school-cg-spectrumDemand for FX artists in film and games is exploding! Our Houdini FX courses, mentored by industry experts, teach you the skills that will help you get you hired. As a SideFX Houdini Certified School, we are committed to offering the most up-to-date, job-focused training to help prepare you for a career in the industry. Learn more about the course and how we can help you stand out!


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