Student Success Story: Concept Artist Grad Edwin Ho

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We just spoke to recent CG Spectrum Vancouver grad Edwin Ho about his experience while he was going to school with us. 

He was being mentored by Concept Artist and game industry Art Director Edison Yan known for his work on Scribblenauts. He tells us and future Concept Art students the importance of having really solid fundamental skills and keeping your imagination broad when getting a job in this skillset for the industry.

BLOG Header Edwin Ho Student Spo

What made you decide to go to CG Spectrum for your education? What did you like about it more than other online schools? 

Initially I went to an art college for 2 years but I found it very unhelpful in my journey to become a concept artist. So one day I got fed up with the whole traditional art education thing and just dropped out. I then went searching for online schools and they were all the usual weekly classes in small groups and video feedback from the instructors. But with CG Spectrum, they have a more personal mentorship as I was the only one my mentor had to focus on and everything was fast and efficient, as my art skills had increased dramatically in a short time.

Did you have any previous art or 3D experience?

Just like 2 years of basic sketching and painting.

After starting at CG Spectrum did you specialize in a specific area of focus, or did you wait to see what you would excel at and get advice from your mentors on what pathway to take? 

Going into this program my overall goal was to be a better artist in general as the first term was focused on the fundamentals.  Having a solid foundation in the fundamentals will lead you as an artist to accomplish anything he or she wishes to excel whether it’s characters, environments, or vehicles/ props.

Do you think having access to industry professional mentors gave you a head start landing your job in the industry? Did the networking help steer you in the right direction?  

Having access to an industry professional definitely has its benefits. Not only do you know someone in the industry they also can teach you tons of workflow methods, get a feel of how the art pipeline works in studios, and also they will tell you if you really are ready or not for the industry. If not then they will guide you on your way to become a professional.

Did you use social media and other networking means to meet recruiters for game and film companies? If so what were they?

Currently I just have an account on

After completing your education at CG spectrum how did you go about getting your demo reel to potential studios?

Just applied normal through their websites.

A 3D artist or concept artist’s demo reel is huge part in getting a job. Do you have any demo reel tips for rookie artists working on this final stage of their education?

When doing pieces for your portfolio you should cater and do some research to whatever studio you really want to go for, since no studio works around your style.


What was the most important lesson or advice you learned to be prepared for your career while at CG spectrum?  

First start with getting a solid foundation with the fundamentals. It’s a crucial building block for you as an artist and once you have firm grasp on the fundamentals nothing will be impossible for you. Second, find inspiration in anything and everything, since being a concept artist you must always keep your imagination broad as possible. And finally keep yourself motivated and passionate for what you do. Find ways of constantly motivating yourself to do great designs or artwork, your love of this industry will push forward to make your dreams come true.

Check out some of Edwin's awesome concept art he made while attending CG Spectrum.

edwin ho mech suit line drawing

edwin ho character set final

edwin ho cursed hunters illustra

edwin ho eco blue class

edwin ho envir 3

edwin ho eco honor guard

edwin ho jetcraft touch up

edwin ho final hero

edwin ho mech illustration touch up

edwin ho rifle final

edwin ho space ships f

edwin ho the pit touch up

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