Gesture Drawing

Learn gesture drawing online from industry professionals

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Capture the dynamic human form in our online gesture drawing workshop

Analyze and simplify the human figure to its most essential elements

This beginner's gesture drawing workshop will help you explore the human form. Without focusing too much on technical anatomy, you'll learn how to make logical assumptions about how the human body works to draw clear, streamlined, and appealing gestures. 

Why study gesture drawing at CG Spectrum:

  • Lessons are crafted by an industry expert
  • Flexible online format
  • Learn techniques used by professional artists
  • Gain 30 days access to an online community channel on Slack where you can network, troubleshoot, and collaborate with your workshop mentor and peers!

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Study duration

2 weeks

Skill level



Basic drawing skills




Drawing software of your choice

Workshop dates

3 June, 2024
1 July, 2024

Why study with us

Learn gesture drawing online from award-winning concept artists and illustrators

Whether you're a beginner looking to build foundational art skills, a hobbyist wanting to harness your creative side, or an artist exploring different career paths, our expert-led workshops help equip you with essential and industry-relevant skills

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What you'll learn

This workshop consists of 10+ hours of self-guided study content and two live, one-hour mentor-led sessions. Starting with flow and the lines of action, learn how to make poses feel dynamic but grounded. Explore graphic shapes using silhouettes and negative space and discover centrelines, proportion, and direction along with compression and extension. 

  • Develop an understanding of what gesture drawings are and how to create them

  • Learn how to use basic shapes to represent forms

  • Understand how to work with the flow of action even in a still pose

  • Learn how to combine separate parts of anatomy into a single strong pose

  • Understand how to simplify drawings without losing the important elements needed to convey and communicate


Next available workshops:

Start: 3 JUNE, 2024

Your two-week workshop includes a one-hour live session with your mentor each week on:

  • Tuesday, 11 June at 3:30pm PDT | 6:30pm EDT | 11:30pm BST
  • Tuesday, 18 June at 3:30pm PDT | 6:30pm EDT | 11:30pm BST
Start: 1 JULY, 2024

Your two-week workshop includes a one-hour live session with your mentor each week on:

  • Tuesday, 9 July at 3:30pm PDT | 6:30pm EDT | 11:30pm BST
  • Tuesday, 16 July at 3:30pm PDT | 6:30pm EDT | 11:30pm BST

$350 USD


Have questions? We've got answers.

Although for beginners, this workshop does require you to have basic drawing skills. If you can confidently answer yes to the following questions, you most likely have basic drawing skills:

  • Are you acquainted with either traditional or digital art tools (holding/using them)?
  • Can you draw lines with fluidity and confidence?
  • Can you visualize simple shapes in three dimensions?

If you're concerned your drawing abilities are not up to scratch, consider taking the Drawing Basics workshop first; it's perfect for people with no prior experience.

You will also need basic computer literacy and know how to navigate drawing software (see software & hardware requirements for more details).


You will need to download and install a drawing software of your choice. 

There are several free trials available to download that will cover the duration of the course. These include Photoshop, Clip Studio, and Affinity Photo.

Some more details and download links:

Another cheap option is Procreate (iPad only) - $12.99 (USD) one-time fee download here


You will need a computer or stylus-based drawing device (such as a Wacom, Huion, XP Pen, or iPad) that meets the minimum requirements for the software you decide to use.

The workshop runs for 2 consecutive weeks, starting on your chosen intake date.

It includes:

  • 10+ hours of asynchronous content which you will need to work on in your own time
  • 2 hours of live instruction (1 hour per week) set at a specified time each week

Before your mentor-led session, we advise you to go through your coursework and do the required exercises so you can ask relevant questions and your mentor can provide feedback on your work.

To make the most out of the workshop, we recommend you dedicate 10-20 hours per week (over two weeks) to cover your readings, tasks, live sessions, and practice.

The more time you commit to your studies, the better you'll get!

This largely depends on you and how much time and practice you dedicate to your craft! 

Not everyone will be ready to take the leap to our more challenging courses straight after taking this workshop. If you feel you still have room for improvement, check out our Human Head Anatomy Basics 2-week workshops to continue building your drawing confidence and skills.

Near the end of your workshop, ask your mentor how they think you're going and what steps you need to take to be ready to take on more in-depth study.

For information on our more advanced courses, check out the digital painting courses and 2D animation courses on our website.

If you still have questions or are unsure about which workshop to take, we would love to chat with you. Click below to get in touch with our admissions team, and we'll get you on your way.