Optimizing your animation or VFX workflow with NXT

Learn how to use NXT to speed up animation exports from Maya into Unreal Engine!

Want to speed up your animation or VFX workflow?

Join us for a discussion with the creators of NXT: a tool that enables visualization and automation of complex scripts in a more user-friendly way for both developers and creatives alike.

As a powerful collaboration tool, NXT can be integrated within Python-based software such as Maya, Nuke, and Houdini.

In this webinar, we do a live demo of how to use NXT to speed up animation exports from Maya into Unreal Engine. Learn how you can use NXT on your next project, and help bridge the gap between your creative work and the coding behind it!

This is especially for you if you're curious about Technical Artist or Technical Director positions, and how those people work with artists at the studio level.

Learn more about NXT:

Download the NXT Unreal Engine demo content here:

Want the highlights? Read the blog about Speeding up your animation and VFX workflow with NXT.
Watch the replay:
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CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum - CG Spectrum is an online animation, VFX, digital painting, and game development school that brings the industry to you. Whether straight out of high school, changing careers, or upgrading skills, our goal is to help you build the job skills and confidence to pursue your dream career in film and games. Get more out of your education with world-class career training and mentorship from leading film and game industry experts.

Zach Gray

Zach Gray | Contributor - NXT

Michael Aldrich

Michael Aldrich | Developer - NXT

Lucas Brown

Lucas Brown | Developer - NXT

Maxine Schnepf

Maxine Schnepf | CG Spectrum Career Development Manager - Maxine's job is to help CG Spectrum students get industry-ready through career advice, portfolio reviews and priceless insider insights from her time as a former VFX Producer at Technicolor and Resources Manager at Mr. X. She has been involved in every stage of the VFX production pipeline, and worked on major films including Blade Runner 2049, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, and three Star Wars films.

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