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We partner with industry leaders

Our mission is to ensure graduates are the best trained and best prepared for a successful career in their chosen field.

We do this by working closely with the industry to ensure the skills students are learning are those that studios are hiring for. Our curriculum is continuously updated with the advice of industry experts to keep up with ever-evolving technology used across the entertainment sector.

By partnering with industry leaders, we are able to stay on top of trends and best practices and give graduates the best chance of career success. Meet some of our partners below, and if you're an industry leader with an aligned vision and wish to partner with us, get in touch.


Rookies Certified School

The Rookies

CG Spectrum is proudly a Rookies Certified School and ranks in the top 20 schools in the world for concept art and illustration, 3D animation, and visual effects.

Rookies Certified Schools are independently reviewed and assessed by invite only, ensuring only the best schools are accepted. It identifies the schools that offer the highest quality education and are best suited to prepare students for a career in the creative industries.



Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

CG Spectrum Institute is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) to deliver quality accredited creative degrees and diplomas.

Complying with TEQSA means our students can study with confidence in the high standards of our curricula and graduate with reputable, widely recognized qualifications that will help them secure employment opportunities across the globe.




Unreal Academic Partner

Partnership with Epic Games

The Unreal Academic Partner Program recognizes schools committed to providing high-quality educational opportunities through an experienced faculty, proven curricula, and resources to create positive outcomes for students with a variety of personal growth and career objectives.

From game development to virtual production courses, CG Spectrum works closely with Epic Games to provide the most up-to-date Unreal Engine training. Read the press release or check out CG Spectrum on the Unreal Academic Partner page.



Unreal Authorized Training Center

Epic Games Training Partner

Being an Unreal Authorized Training Center means our industry-led game development and virtual production courses are supported by Epic Games to ensure the highest quality of Unreal Engine learning.

Our aim is to teach individuals the skills they need for the constantly evolving and highly competitive job market, which is seeing an increase in new and exciting opportunities. See our press release or check out CG Spectrum on the Unreal Engine Training Partners page.



Houdini Certified School

Partnership with Side FX

As a SideFX Houdini Certified School, we are committed to offering the most up-to-date, job-focused training with a high-quality, specialized education that places graduates in demand.

Our Houdini FX students learn to harness the raw power of procedural, node-based workflow techniques and create amazing FX simulations, including explosions, destruction, smoke, fire, and water simulation. To see more, watch our FX student showcase.



Toon Boom Authorized Training Centre

Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Toon Boom develops award-winning animation software, including Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro. CG Spectrum is one of only 16 authorized training centers and the only 100% online animation school with this designation.

Being a Toon Boom ATC means CG Spectrum students receive the highest quality education and learn techniques used by major studios. Read more about the benefits of studying at a Toon Boom Authorized Training Centre.



Chaos Academic Partner

V-Ray educator and provider

Chaos is responsible for the powerful rendering program V-Ray used by major studios worldwide. Partnering with Chaos ensures our archviz students are learning pertinent industry skills using the latest industry-standard software, with a world-class curriculum created by a proud V-Ray Certified Instructor (and our Dept. Head of Visualization).

Students will also have access to the Chaos Cosmos—free high-quality 3D content (models, materials and HDRI skies) for architects and designers.


Chaos_Academic_Partner_Logo_Colour_Black_600x600 Accredited™ Educational Experience creative technology education provider is the leading and exclusive third-party validator of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs and other learning experiences.

Bearing the Accredited™ Trustmark helps students and educators identify CG Spectrum as conforming to the organization’s vetted standards and means our courses support the development of students’ 21st-century skills and engage them through hands-on learning & collaboration.


Warner Bros. Discovery Access

Virtual Production Assistant Program Partner

CG Spectrum partnered with Warner Bros. Discovery Access to deliver training for the Virtual Production Assistant Program: a 10-week paid placement providing underrepresented skilled talent a hands-on opportunity in the virtual production industry.

To complement the on-site component, we provided 5 weeks of online training led by filmmaker and virtual production expert Deepak Chetty and real-time 3D artist William Faucher. The participants put their new knowledge to use on a custom LED volume for HBO's House of the Dragon! Read more.



ProductionCrate Partnership

Educational Partner

We have partnered with ProductionCrate (FootageCrate) to provide our Nuke Compositing students access to thousands of high-quality VFX digital assets to use during their training. 

Access to a digital library of this caliber not only provides students with hands-on experience working with assets similar to what they'll find in VFX studios, it also allows them to spend more time building impressive work and less time trying to source materials. To see some of the outstanding work our students have produced using ProductionCrate assets, read our blog post.



Wacom Partnership

Educational Partner

We have partnered with Wacom to help accelerate digital transformation and push best practices on a global level. Wacom has sponsored past CG Spectrum Open Days and contests, helping us continue to inspire and educate emerging artists in the industry.

Wacom and CG Spectrum have also collaborated on a series of short educational videos introducing digital artists to some of the vital working-from-home soft and hard skills.




Anatomy for Sculptors Partnership

Educational Partner

To provide exemplary anatomy reference to our students studying 3D modeling, animation, and digital painting, CG Spectrum has teamed up with Anatomy for Sculptors, a publisher of anatomy books for artists, to offer a student discount on any of their books.

Whether they are sculpting, animating, or illustrating humans or animals, the Anatomy for Sculptors books have proven to be a valuable educational resource. For more information on the Anatomy for Sculptors books, read their article on our blog. 



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