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Webinar with Body Horror Artist Molly Brown

Concept Artist and CG Spectrum alum Molly Brown takes you on a fascinating journey into her unique art practice and the body horror style.

What makes a truly scary horror creature?

What's covered:
  • What makes for truly scary horror creatures?

  • How to find inspiration and reference for horror designs

  • The psychology behind body horror
  • Following your interests to achieve your goals
  • Workflows and software
  • How to nurture an online following

  • Storytelling as a way to add depth to your characters

    ...and SO MUCH MORE! 

Your expert guides:


Molly Brown
Body Horror Artist and CG Spectrum Alum

Known for her skillful body horror character design, Molly's Instagram account boasts over 65K followers. She developed her practice in the Advanced Concept Art Diploma at CG Spectrum, and is the creator of an online horror drawing course at Class101. She is also a Teaching Assistant at CG Spectrum. SEE MOLLY'S WORK.

BrianHuangHeadshotBrian Huang
Concept Artist and CG Spectrum Mentor
Brian Huang is an art director and concept artist with work credits on PC and mobile games at studios like Blizzard Entertainment, among others. His game credits include work on World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3. Brian is a Concept Art mentor at CG Spectrum. SEE BRIAN'S WORK.

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