Fast-track your virtual production career

Are you a studio owner, filmmaker, animator, or VFX artist wanting to learn virtual production? Power up your career or team with the Unreal Connectors program!

CG Spectrum's 12-week real-time intensive is for media professionals and studios looking to up-skill their teams and foster the next generation of real-time artists. Learn Unreal Engine from the ground up and create high-quality short films from scratch. Prior experience in Unreal Engine not required.

Who is this for:

  • Media professionals with production experience who want to expand their role, upgrade their skills, or start a new career
  • Established filmmakers, animators, archviz and VFX artists
  • Studios looking to train their teams and expand real-time services
Industry Qualification


Study duration

3 months


20 (minimum) hrs weekly

Skill level



Prior production experience recommended


5 live sessions per week, feedback and support

Included software

Unreal Engine, Quixel

Start date

Jun 6, 2022

A new era of storytelling

What is the Unreal Connectors Program?

Unreal Connectors is the first micro-credentialing program dedicated to teaching artists virtual production. Created in partnership with Epic Games, this 12-week intensive blended learning experience helps studios and film, animation, and VFX professionals learn Unreal Engine, develop a strong command of state-of-the-art virtual production tools, and foster the next generation of teams in the emerging field of real-time production. Artists learn through hands-on projects under the mentorship of CG Spectrum's real-time artists and industry guest speakers.

See the kind of work you or your team could be creating in this program. (Showcase credit: Epic Games)

Futureproof your skills

Become an in-demand virtual production artist

Studio benefits

Boost your workplace's real-time production expertise

Balance work & study

Program designed for busy media professionals

Industry mentors

Learn from leaders in this emerging field


Unreal Connectors: Virtual Production

Get access to a cutting-edge curriculum, live weekly sessions with industry mentors, small class sizes (2 real-time experts mentoring 4 participants max), personalized guidance and feedback on your work, plus a supportive place to network and share ideas with others.

What you'll learn in 12 weeks

Dive into the world of real-time, become confident using Unreal Engine, take on larger and more creative projects, and discover how to build teams proficient in the latest storytelling tools and techniques. Everything learned in this program can be used to expand your own skill set as well as your studio or workplace's real-time production expertise and offerings.

01. Ingestion: Start the program with an introduction to Unreal Engine, setting up your first project, and static mesh ingestion with FBX.

02. Scene Assembly: Dive into Quixel, with an introduction to materials, and world building for virtual production. Finish with an introduction to Sequencer; Unreal Engine's multi-track editor, used for creating and previewing cinematic sequences in real-time.

03. Sequencer Animation & Lighting: Gain a better understanding of lighting & animation, QuickStart-Sequencer Shot Creation for Virtual Production, and Quickstart Blueprints.

04. Mocap & Rigging: Explore motion capture fundamentals and get an introduction to control rigs so you can start to create movement within your project.

05. Shot Construction: Learn production workflows and CineCamera techniques with Sequence, and delve into materials; specifically masking and material functions.

06. Animation: This animation lesson covers retargeting & crowds, while the Sequencer lesson focuses on Live Link VCam shot creation and editing.

07. Cinematics: Learn cinematic fundamentals in this week's lighting session, before advancing onto materials; translucent, displacement and VFX. Continue with Animation Blueprints (visual scripts used for the creation and control of complex animation behaviors), and Take Recorder, which enables the fast iteration of recording and reviewing performances for virtual production workflows.

08. Lighting & Shot Enhancement: Gain a better understanding of atmospheric lighting, and in the animation section, you'll continue with Alembic importing and live link. 

09. Optimization: Create higher quality work with a lesson on optimization, and further explore Sequencer with performance capture using live link face session.

10. Post Production: Understand how to bring your project to life with the latest post production techniques.

11 & 12. Finalizing Project & Final Rendering: With the ongoing guidance of your industry expert mentors, your final 2 weeks will be spent finalizing and polishing your shot to the highest quality possible.

Meet Your Mentors

Learn from real-time experts on the leading edge

Be mentored by highly skilled real-time artists with years of real-world experience at major studios. 

Why study with us?

The CG Spectrum Difference

CG Spectrum prides itself on offering highly personalized training and mentorship catering to you and your studio's needs.

Other benefits of CG Spectrum's Unreal Connector training:

  • Small classes: 2 real-time mentors for every 4 participants
  • Mentorship from industry professionals
  • 2 x live mentor sessions each week
  • 3 x live Teaching Assistant sessions each week
  • High quality video content
  • No additional software costs
  • Daily support from Technical Assistants
  • Supportive network of artists and creators
  • Bonus interviews with leading real-time experts
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12 week intensive

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