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Enter the exciting world of Unreal with this brand new realtime 3d course for beginners! Go from simply installing the engine to creating a fully animated playable character in Unreal. Mentored by a professional realtime artist, you'll develop a broad knowledge of the engine and surrounding pipelines including basic rigging and motion capture. 

Benefits of studying at CG Spectrum:
  • Unreal Academic Partner
  • Mentorship from industry pros
  • Job-focused curriculum and 100% online
  • Private 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)


As a top-ranked online school with students and mentors in more than 60 countries, CG Spectrum–an Unreal Academic Partner–is proud to offer career training in realtime 3d technical art and virtual production using Unreal Engine.

This ever-expanding field is rife with career opportunities, yet professional training in this space is limited. To fill the growing demand for skilled artists, CG Spectrum has partnered with well known realtime artists to develop a job-focused study pathway to ensure graduates are well-positioned to enter this field and make a productive contribution from day one on the job.

Expect highly personalized training with mentorship from industry professionals who are on the cutting edge of realtime 3d and virtual production. After completing this beginners course, continue along the study pathway with the Realtime 3D Technical Art and Virtual Production Diploma.  

Industry Qualification


Study duration

3 months


20 hrs weekly

Skill level



Basic computer skill and a passion for film and games


Weekly online classes, feedback and support

Included software

Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder

Start date

Sep 6, 2021

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Learn realtime 3D from industry pros who have worked at well-known studios

Our expert-led programs prepare you for an exciting career in the industry. Unleash your creative potential while building practical job skills.

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Term 1: 12 weeks
Introduction to Realtime 3D & Virtual Production

In this realtime course for beginners, you'll start with the fundamentals of Unreal Engine, learning how to set up animated characters in the engine, along with a wide variety of features, plus rigging and motion basics. Developing a good foundation in this area is essential for moving on to the Realtime 3D & Virtual Production Diploma where you'll apply your new skills to creating a film-quality cinematic shot.

  • How to use a wide range of Unreal features
  • Basic animation and rigging skills
  • Working with motion capture
  • An overview of realtime and virtual production pipelines

*This short course (or equivalent experience) is a prerequisite to the Realtime 3D and Virtual Production Diploma.

  1. Learning Game Editors 
  2. Game Industry Workflows 
  3. Exporting Into the Editor 
  4. Working with Materials 
  5. Setting Up Characters
  6. Implementing Animation
  7. Whiteboxing
  8. Introduction to Rigging 
  9. Character Rigging Basics
  10. Motion Capture Fundamentals
  11. Retargeting and Montages
  12. Control Rig within Unreal

Get direct access to industry professionals with years of experience

Learn from passionate industry veterans with years of real-world experience at major film and game studios. More mentors to be announced soon!

Study Options

Small Class

The most affordable way to learn from top industry mentors in a fun, collaborative environment, while still getting plenty of personalized feedback.

  • Max. 4 students per course
  • Affordable high-quality education
  • Network while you learn
Study Options

1-on-1 Private

Progress faster and enjoy more flexiblity with private mentorship. Ideal for busy schedules, career-changers, or artists upgrading skills or changing specialties.

  • Maximum level of mentor interaction
  • Greater flexibility to schedule classes
  • Customized learning experience


$1,185 USD

(3 x payments)

$1,485 USD

(3 x payments)

Studios that hire our students

Our commitment to job-outcomes and focus on career development has helped graduates find work at studios all over the world.

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