Advanced Concept Art Diploma

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Get job-ready with expert career training and mentorship

Focused on career outcomes, the Advanced Concept Art Diploma takes your artistic skills to a professional level. Whether you want to freelance as an independent artist, or work at a major film or game studio, you'll learn job skills, master complex techniques and learn to communicate through art, creating compelling work that captivates and inspires.

Why study concept art at CG Spectrum:

  • Specialized focus on concept art for film, games & publishing
  • Be mentored by award-winning artists
  • Extra career support to get you in front of employers
  • Private 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)


Get your skills to industry standard with advanced concept art training. With a seasoned concept artist as your mentor, you'll gain valuable insights into the film and games industry, build job skills, and graduate with a solid portfolio to impress employers.

Meet your mentor online for weekly classes, get personalized video critiques of your work, and 1-on-1 career support to get you ready to hit the ground running after graduation!


Industry Qualification

Advanced diploma

Study duration

9 months


20 hrs weekly

Skill level



Concept Art & Illustration Diploma or portfolio submission


Weekly online classes, feedback and support

Included software

Photoshop, Zbrush Core, Blender

Start date

Jul 5, 2021

Why study with us

Learn concept art from professional film and video game artists

Whether straight out of high school, changing careers, or upgrading skills, our specialized expert-led concept art training helps you build practical job skills and a competitive edge

Flexible Scheduling

Plan your studies around your work and family commitments

Industry Mentors

Learn from mentors who have worked on major films and games

Job-Ready Skills

Build practical, relevant job skills that studios are looking for.

Payment Plans

Options to help you pursue your passion and start working sooner.


An industry-approved curriculum to launch your career as a concept artist

Term 1: 12 weeks
Characters, Creatures & Enhanced Workflow Techniques

In the creature and character design term, you’ll use anatomy, posing skills, personality and character traits, plus the environment to inform your designs. Create backstories for your characters and experiment with color, posing and lighting to engage your audience in the story. 

Learn how to:

  • Apply lessons from the diploma course to create higher quality art
  • Design incredible creatures and characters
  • Use story and posing to drive action
  • Build professional model sheets
  1. Character Design: Villains
  2. Character Design: Villains
  3. Character Design: Heros
  4. Character Design: Heros
  5. Character Design: Creatures
  6. Character Design: Creatures
  7. Matte Painting - Photobashing 01
  8. Matte Painting - Photobashing 02
  9. Environment Paintover
  10. Character Paint over
  11. Screen Shot Paintover
  12. Prop Paintover
Term 2: 12 weeks
Introduction to 3D Concept Art

Speed up your workflow using 3d sculpting and kitbashing techniques to quickly block out, light, and render your concept art. You'll create dynamic compositions using Zbrush and Blender to develop your concept art skills further and learn industry-standard workflows. Starting out by sculpting basic forms to generate quick renders, capturing detail, and lighting, you'll move on to more complex models such as the human form and complex environments. You'll finish the term with several pieces of original 3D concept art for your portfolio.

Learn how to:

  • Use Photoshop, ZBrush, and Blender to enhance your concept art workflows
  • Gather strong reference material and create quick thumbnail sketches
  • Set up camera angles and lighting to capture detail and textures
  • Polish your work to a professional level using the latest studio techniques
  1. Zbrush Core Mini - Navigation & Tools
  2. Sculpting a Head 01: Roughing in Forms
  3. Sculpting a Head 01: Refining Forms
  4. Introduction to Blender
  5. Head Sculpt Paintover 01: Detail & Texture
  6. Head Sculpt Paintover 02: Polish
  7. Environments: Polygon Primitives
  8. Environments: Kitbashing Models
  9. Environments: Dynamic Lighting & Rendering
  10. Environment Paintover 01: Texture and Detail
  11. Environment Paintover 02: Polish
  12. Grease Pencil in Blender
Term 3: 12 weeks
Portfolio and Career Development

This final term is dedicated to getting you job-ready! With your mentor’s guidance, you’ll polish your best pieces for your portfolio. As a diploma student, you can access additional career development services to learn how to develop your competitive edge, market yourself, and make the best possible impression in front of employers.

Learn how to:

  • Polish your portfolio to impress employers
  • Be more confident with negotiation
  • Network & self-promote effectively
  • Tap into the hidden job market 

All diploma students receive additional 1-on-1 career support, portfolio reviews, and industry insights from CG Spectrum's Career Development Manager.

  1. Getting Your Career Started
  2. Self-promotion
  3. Portfolio Prep
  4. Payments and Contracts
  5. Your First Commissions
  6. Finding Your Audience
  7. Staff vs. Freelance
  8. Developing Personal Projects
  9. Path of the Independent Artist
  10. Skill Development Practices
  11. Motivational Guidelines
  12. Emerging Art Career Tips

Get direct access to highly acclaimed film & game concept artists

To be the best, it helps to learn from the best. All concept art classes are taught by industry mentors who have worked with major game developers, film studios and publishing giants.

Study Options

Small Class

The most affordable way to learn from top industry mentors in a fun, collaborative environment, while still getting plenty of personalized feedback.

  • Max. 4 students per course
  • Affordable high-quality education
  • Network while you learn
Study Options

1-on-1 Private

Progress faster and enjoy more flexiblity with private mentorship. Ideal for busy schedules, career-changers, or artists upgrading skills or changing specialties.

  • Maximum level of mentor interaction
  • Greater flexibility to schedule classes
  • Customized learning experience


$1,185 USD

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$3,199 USD

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$3,999 USD

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