CGS 3D Visualization Dept. Head Presents on Chaos Unboxed Panel

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CG Spectrum's very own Nicklas Byriel, Department Head of 3D Visualization, recently participated in an expert panel on Chaos Unboxed, presented by Chaos Group. 

Nicklas and other industry pros discussed how art and technology intersect and explored interesting ways to accelerate creativity in your work and in your art.

From architects to graphic designers and 3D visualization artists, this panel is packed with insights that will help fuel your creative process.

What is 3D visualization?

3D visualization involves creating three-dimensional representations of objects or scenes using computer software. It allows artists to bring concepts to life by adding depth, texture, and realistic lighting to their designs.

From 3D architectural renderings to product prototypes and virtual environments for games and movies, 3D visualization is used across various industries to visualize ideas, streamline workflows, and communicate concepts effectively. It's a powerful tool that enables designers, architects, and creatives to explore and present their visions in a dynamic and immersive way.

Accelerating Creativity | Chaos Unboxed

Featured Panelists

  • Nicklas Byriel: Head of 3D Visualization Development at CG Spectrum, mentoring students alongside managing his own studio.
  • Ana Lyubenova: Architect turned Product Manager at Chaos, guiding the development team based on customer feedback.
  • Ziad Chanbour: An experienced architect at Goldbeck sharing his tips on architectural visualization.
  • Luis E Inciarte: Founder of Narrativ in London, combining architecture with media to create innovative visual storytelling techniques.
  • Chris Radowski: Pioneering the Enscape engineering team and heading the rendering department.

About Chaos

Chaos develops 3D visualization technology for architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment. They create intuitive and powerful workflows for architects, artists, and designers in any industry. 

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Chaos is now one of the largest global 3D visualization companies, with more than 700 employees and offices worldwide.

The demand for skilled professionals in this field is on the rise across diverse industries such as architecture, film, games, and product design. With the rapid advancements and increased accessibility of relevant software and technology, becoming a visualization artist has never been more attainable!

Explore our expert-led 3D visualization courses and consider a career in this dynamic, creative, and expanding field.


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