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How can I break into the film and games industry? What should I include in my demo reel or portfolio? When is the right time to ask for more responsibilities at my job? If you're asking these types of questions about getting into or moving up in the film and games industry, check out CG Spectrum’s weekly career-focused video Q&A, Ask Maxine!

Aspiring film and games artists seeking career advice have been sending CG Spectrum their burning questions to be answered by our dedicated Career Development Manager, Maxine Schnepf. With years of industry experience, including in hiring roles, Maxine delivers informative and insightful answers in short 30-60 second videos, tackling one new question each week.

Check out some of our top Ask Maxine Q&As:

How can I get experience to get a job in the film and games industry?


Do I need a degree to work in film and games? 

How can I be professional in the role of an artist?

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About Maxine

In her role at CG Spectrum, Maxine Schnepf helps students boost their hiring potential and prepare for life beyond studies in their chosen discipline. 

Highly experienced and well-connected in the VFX industry, Maxine has worked in all aspects of the post-production process as a VFX Producer, Department Manager, Production Coordinator, and everything in between. She's contributed to films including Blade Runner 2049, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Star Trek Beyond, and many more!

As Career Development Manager, Maxine’s background brings a unique insider's perspective into the hiring process and valuable resources to help CGS students get ahead in the competitive film and games industry.

Maxine also interviews industry experts and emerging talent on The CG Spectrum Podcast, with new episodes out bi-weekly. Read our interview with Maxine to learn more about her and the important role she plays in helping prepare the next wave of film and game artists.


About CG Spectrum’s career services

Our comprehensive career services include portfolio and demo reel reviews, resume/CV assistance and interview prep, help with internship and job applications, career-focused workshops and webinars, and a jobs board and monthly careers newsletter. Read more about our expert career advice and support. 

Want to study at a film and games career-focused school?

At CG Spectrum, we recognize that getting a job in film and games requires more than just knowing the tools of the trade. Along with our expert-led courses that equip you with industry-standard technical and creative skills, we also dedicate time to helping you understand how this unique industry actually works, providing relevant insights and teaching vital soft skills to ensure you’re job-ready.

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Shoshanah has almost a decade of visual effects production experience, coordinating VFX teams in Australia and London. Her credits include Mad Max: Fury Road, Ant-Man, John Wick: Parabellum, Game of Thrones, and Christopher Robin. She now enjoys getting to write about the film and games industry.