CG Spectrum Open Day 2022

Find out why 80% of our advanced grads are now working in film and games, and how to join them!

We bring the industry to you!

Hear from some of our industry mentors and the admissions team to learn more about our film and game courses, how CG Spectrum works, the perks of our vibrant online community, and get some great career advice. Plus, our mentors answered questions from the public during our Q&A.

At CG Spectrum's Open Day, viewers get to:
  • Meet some of our awesome mentors
  • See how our unique online learning model works
  • Learn more about our courses and which is right for you
  • Discover why the CG Spectrum community is so powerful for networking
  • Hear exciting success stories from CGS alumni
  • See some of our cool student work
  • Learn about admission requirements and get pointers for applying
  • Find out about our career support services

...and much more!

If you have any questions about our school or courses, get in touch here
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CG Spectrum

CG Spectrum - Residing at the intersection of creativity and technology, CG Spectrum is a global online training provider for the film, video game, and creative industries, delivering an industry-standard education. CG Spectrum provides online, expert-led courses and accredited degrees and diplomas in animation, VFX, game development, concept art, virtual production, and 3D visualization.

Maxine Schnepf

Maxine Schnepf | CG Spectrum Career Development Manager - Maxine helps students increase their hiring potential and prepare for life beyond school in their chosen discipline through career advice, portfolio reviews, and priceless insider insights. Highly experienced and well-connected in the VFX industry, Maxine's worked in all aspects of the post-production process as a VFX Producer, Department Manager, Production Coordinator, and everything in between.     

David Cunningham

David Cunningham | CG Spectrum 3D Modeling Mentor - David works at DNEG Montreal as a Lead 3D Modeler and Career Coach. He's worked in various fields, including marketing and engineering before switching to VFX in 2019. David applied his engineering knowledge of trains to make mechanically-accurate 3D assets for shows like Snowpiercer season 2, Alienist season 2, and Enola Holmes while also creating other non-train hero assets.  

Alex Lori

Alex Lori | CG Spectrum Foundations Dept. Head - Alex's impressive credits include Monsters Vs. Aliens and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was a Lead Animator on the feature film The Prophet and an Animation Supervisor on The Adventures of Puss in Boots. As one of the few dedicated mentors at Bardel Entertainment company, he led many new animators through their budding careers, helping them to realize their full potential.  

Brandon Reimchen

Brandon Reimchen | CG Spectrum Concept Art & Illustration Dept. Head - After receiving his degree in Fine Arts in 2003, Brandon began working in the video game industry as a Concept Artist. Since then he has produced work for companies like EA, Activision, Capcom, Gree, and Disney Interactive and is currently a Concept Art mentor for CG Spectrum. Brandon has created art for games like Crash Bandicoot, Prototype, and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

Brenda Grajales

Brenda Grajales | CG Spectrum Course Advisor - Brenda has a background in film and TV with studio experience, including working as a Production Coordinator at Stereo D. She has worked on blockbuster films such as Dr. Strange, the Star Wars franchise, and Avengers Civil War. As a Course Advisor, Brenda can help with course and curriculum information, the application process, payment plan information, study options, and enrollment deadlines.

Mark Pullyblank

Mark Pullyblank | CG Spectrum 3D Animation Dept. Head - Mark has held lead positions at Rainmaker, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Weta Digital working on films like Avatar, The Adventures of Tintin, The Smurfs, and Night at the Museum. As well as being the Animation Department head of CG Spectrum, Mark currently works at California State University in Chico California and undertakes freelance and consulting work at film and game studios. 

Scott Claus

Scott Claus | CG Spectrum Animation Manager - Disney's Fantasia sparked a lifelong love of animation for Scott. He worked as an animator for DreamWorks and Disney on films such as Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Road to El Dorado before switching to CG and creature FX where he was part of the Oscar-winning team working on Life of Pi.

Sean Amlaner

Sean Amlaner | CG Spectrum Compositing Dept. Head - Sean has worked as a Compositing Supervisor, Senior Compositor, and Senior Artist Trainer for studios such as Technicolor VFX, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Rhythm & Hues, and many others. During his career, he has had the opportunity to work on projects such as Star Trek: Picard, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and Avengers: Infinity War.

Troy Dunniway

Troy Dunniway | CG Spectrum Game Design Curriculum Manager - Troy is an award-winning Game Designer and Executive with over 25 years of game development experience at companies like Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Insomniac, Disney, and Samsung. He's shipped 100+ titles on almost every platform and genre. Troy designed or oversaw bestselling games like Rainbow Six Vegas, Munch’s Oddysee, Mercenaries, Age of Empires 3, Command and Conquer 3, and more.

William Faucher

William Faucher | CG Spectrum Mentor of Realtime - William has been in the entertainment industry for the past 11 years, starting as a 3D Modeler in the games industry, then becoming a Lighter, and DoP. The Canadian-born, Norway-based Unreal Artist is a mentor for CG Spectrum's Realtime Technical Artist and Virtual Production course. William's work includes VFX/CGI shots in Marvel's Black Panther, and HBO's Watchmen.

Yanchong Lai

Yanchong Lai | CG Spectrum Course Advisor - Yan has experience working in post-production across several different roles (Production Coordinator, L&D Coordinator, and Talent Acquisition). She loves helping junior artists build a strong understanding of the production pipeline and where they fit within the industry. As a Course Advisor, Yan helps with course information, the application process, payment plan information, study options, and enrollment deadlines.

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