Game Dev Open Day

Join our live expert panel to see how to kickstart your career in games or level up your game dev skills!

Student work: Benjamin Oman & Marc Carratala Arce

See what it's like to study Game Development at CG Spectrum!

Are you interested in a career in game programming, game design, game art and animation, or realtime 3D and virtual production? Wondering whether CG Spectrum is right for you? Find out what it's like to study with us!

In case you couldn't join us live, or simply wanted to relive the fun, scroll down for the replay and read the top Q&As from the live chat here!

If you have any questions about our school or courses, get in touch. See you in class!

What to expect at Game Dev Open Day:
  • Meet some of our awesome mentors
  • See how our unique online school works
  • Find out more about our game development courses, and which is right for you
  • Experience our game development pipeline simulation
  • Discover why the CGS community is so powerful for networking
  • Hear from alumni and see cool student work
  • Chat with our Admissions team and get pointers for applying
  • Get job advice from our dedicated Career Development Manager

...and much more!

Watch the replay:
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Alex Lori

Alex Lori | CG Spectrum Foundations Dept. Head - Alex's impressive credits include Monsters Vs. Aliens and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was a Lead Animator on the feature film The Prophet and an Animation Supervisor on The Adventures of Puss in Boots. As one of the few dedicated mentors at Bardel Entertainment company, he led many new animators through their budding careers, helping them to realize their full potential.  

Firas Hosn

Firas Hosn | Department Head of Game Programming at CG Spectrum - Now a Senior AI Programmer at Splash Damage, Firas got his first gig in the games industry at Silicon Knights after graduating with a Bachelor of Computer Science. Hired as an AI programmer, he fell in love with making AI and gameplay systems come to life. After working on Too Human, he moved to Ubisoft and released a game almost every year. Credits include Far Cry 3, 4, 5, Assassin's Creed 3, Your Shape, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Far Cry Primal, and Watchdogs 2 and 3. 

Scot Bayless

Scot Bayless | CG Spectrum Director of Game Development - Scot has been a leader in tech for 30+ years, building a gameography worth nearly $1 billion. He’s designed networked combat simulation systems for US and NATO military forces, helped develop the first Dungeons & Dragons RPG to be published on PC, improved speed and graphics on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and creatively contributed to hits like Falcon 3.0, Crimson Skies, 007: Everything or Nothing, and DMC.

Simon Warwick

Simon Warwick | CG Spectrum Foundations Dept. Head & Realtime 3D Mentor - Simon has been in video game animation since 2005. He worked at Silicon Knights and Rocksteady Studios as the Senior Technical Cinematic Animator, and helped create CG Spectrum's Realtime 3D Technical Art & Virtual Production course. Credits include Batman: Arkham City, and X-Men Destiny

Troy Dunniway

Troy Dunniway | CG Spectrum Game Design Curriculum Manager - Troy is an award-winning Game Designer and Executive with over 25 years of game development experience at companies like Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Insomniac, Disney, and Samsung. He's shipped 100+ titles on almost every platform and genre. Troy designed or oversaw bestselling games like Rainbow Six Vegas, Munch’s Oddysee, Mercenaries, Age of Empires 3, Command and Conquer 3, and more.

Maxine Schnepf

Maxine Schnepf | CG Spectrum Career Development Manager - Maxine helps students increase their hiring potential and prepare for life beyond school in their chosen discipline through career advice, portfolio reviews, and priceless insider insights. Highly experienced and well-connected in the VFX industry, Maxine's worked in all aspects of the post-production process as a VFX Producer, Department Manager, Production Coordinator, and everything in between.     

Hosted by
Justin Mohlman

Justin Mohlman | CG Spectrum Head of Employer Partnerships - As acting Creative Director for The Rookies, Justin brings his extensive knowledge of games as well as years of experience as an instructor in higher education. During his 20+ years in the games industry, Justin has helped bring dozens of games to life including legacy franchises such as Tony Hawk, Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat, and other AAA titles at studios like Epic Games, Disney Interactive, and Activision.

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