Learn game programming basics

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This hands-on course is for aspiring game programmers who want to learn how to develop video games. Under the guidance of your industry mentor, you'll learn the programming fundamentals using the C++, and start building your first game.

Why study game programming at CG Spectrum:

  • Learn C++ fundamentals
  • Learn from game experts with real-world experience
  • Train on industry-standard software
  • Private 1-on-1 or small group classes (max 4 students)


There's no better way to get started in the industry than with mentorship from a seasoned game programmer! In just 3 months, you'll be feeling more confident with  C++ programming techniques, and ready to start bringing your own game ideas to life! 

As an Unreal Academic Partner and online game dev school, we're here to help you gain speed and confidence with industry-leading software, and equip you with the latest game production techniques.

On completion of this course, you may choose to continue your studies with the Game Programming Course.



Study duration

12 weeks


20 hrs weekly

Skill level



Windows PC, basic computer skills and passion for games


Weekly online classes, feedback and support


Visual Studio

Start date

Jan 8, 2024

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Why study with us

Learn C++ programming from industry pros who have worked on best-selling games

Whether straight out of high school, changing careers, or upgrading skills, our specialized expert-led programs help you build practical job skills that will serve throughout your career.

Flexible Scheduling

Plan your studies around your work and family commitments

Industry Mentors

Learn from industry experts who have worked on well-known games

Job-Ready Skills

Build practical and relevant job skills that studios are looking for

Payment Plans

Pursue your passion and start working sooner with flexible payments


Industry-approved curriculum to support your journey into video game programming

Term 1: 12 weeks

Foundations 1: Essentials of C++

Your introduction to game programming starts with learning the fundamentals focusing on the C++ programming language. We will introduce basic C++ syntax as well as advanced techniques, and by the end of the term, you will have enough knowledge to create your first C++ game.

*This short course is a prerequisite to the full Game Programming Foundations. It will give you the foundational skills you need to continue on your educational pathway.

  • How to apply important game programming concepts used in development
  • Master the basic syntax of the C++ programming language
  • Create a simple C++ game from scratch using your acquired knowledge
  1. Game Programming Concepts
  2. Variables and Operators
  3. Conditionals
  4. Loops
  5. Functions
  6. Classes and Objects
  7. Pointers, References & Dynamic Memory
  8. Arrays
  9. Inheritance & Polymorphism
  10. Templates
  11. Game Loop
  12. Putting It All Together
Course structure

Your pathway to the industry

Dive right into the full study pathway and be industry ready in 1 year.

Pathway illustration for Game Programming (Full pathway)

Get direct access to highly experienced game programmers

All game programming classes are run by experts with years of experience working on games at studios all over the world.

Study Options

Small Class

The most affordable way to learn from top industry mentors in a fun, collaborative environment, while still getting plenty of personalized feedback.

  • Max. 4 students per course
  • Affordable high-quality education
  • Network while you learn
Study Options

1-on-1 Private

Progress faster and enjoy more flexiblity with private mentorship. Ideal for busy schedules, career-changers, or artists upgrading skills or changing specialties.

  • Maximum level of mentor interaction
  • Greater flexibility to schedule classes
  • Customized learning experience


$1,185 USD

(3 x payments)

$1,750 USD

(3 x payments)

Frequently asked questions

Introduction To Game Programming course FAQs

For this game programming course, you will need basic computer skills and a computer that meets the minimum specifications (see next question).


Visual Studio will be used in this course and can be downloaded for free.


Students will need a computer that meets the minimum requirements for Visual Studio 2022

We HIGHLY recommend students do the Introduction term as it covers a tremendous amount of information and skills which will be used throughout the entire program and will require some catching up if skipped.

Depending on your programming experience, it is VERY occasionally possible to skip Introduction to Game Programming and start the  Game Programming Foundations

To be considered for skipping the introduction term, you must submit a CV and portfolio which includes a:

  • GitHub or GitLab repository that demonstrates your knowledge of an Object Oriented programming language. The repository must have submit history.

If you are unsure if your skills are sufficient, send us your portfolio and we'll arrange a review by the department head and a possible student interview, depending on circumstances.


This short game programming course will get started on your journey, but in a highly competitive industry, knowing the basics is not enough.

Continuing your studies with the 9-month Game Programming Course will better prepare you for a job in the industry. It course covers far more complex techniques and includes personalized career services and 1-on-1 time with our Career Development Manager which can help when applying for junior programming jobs such as:

Discover more about these game development jobs, tips, and salary expectations on our careers page:

Studios that hire our students