Start Your Career in Game Development

Learn to develop games for the world’s most powerful multi-platform 3D game engine. Unreal Engine 4 is one of the most popular engines used to create AAA video games. It allows you to create games for all the popular platforms, including Desktop, Console, Mobile, and even VR and AR.

Unreal Engine 4 developers are in high demand in video game studios all around the world.

Game Programming Course Overview

This game programming course is for aspiring game programmers that want to develop games using Unreal Engine 4. It will take you from an inexperienced programmer to a capable Unreal Engine 4 developer with the confidence to tackle any programming task in just 10 months.

First, we will cover basic and advanced C++ programming techniques, then we will dive headfirst into the Unreal Engine 4 editor covering topics such as Blueprints, UI Development, Input, Collision, Particle Systems, Animations, and much more.

CG Spectrum gives you direct access and connects you to the best mentors from around the world, delivering a personalized education that gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

This course along with the CG Spectrum mentors will prepare you for a role in the game industry as an Unreal Engine 4 developer.

Start Date

October 5th, 2020


10 Months

Delivery Method

Weekly online classes via Zoom along with recorded feedback, e-mail support and a student community


A license of Unreal Engine 4 and Visual Studio 2019 is provided to all students for free

Course Load


Skill Level

Beginner - Intermediate


Course Curriculum


Introduction to Game Programming


In the first term, students will start by learning the fundamentals of game programming by focusing on the C++ programming language. We will introduce basic C++ syntax as well as advanced C++ techniques.

By the end of the term, students will have enough knowledge to create their very first C++ game.

Learn how to:

  • Understand important game programming concepts used in development
  • Master the basic syntax of the C++ programming language
  • Create a simple C++ game from scratch using your acquired knowledge

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Game Programming Concepts 
  2. Variables and Operators
  3. Conditionals
  4. Loops 
  5. Functions
  6. Classes and Objects
  7. Pointers, References and Dynamic Memory
  8. Arrays
  9. Inheritance & Polymorphism
  10. Templates
  11. Game Loop
  12. Putting It All Together

*Curriculum subject to change based on industry input


Game Programming with Unreal


Next, students will be introduced to the Unreal Engine 4 editor and will see how the editor interacts with C++ code while building levels and gameplay elements. Blueprints will be introduced as another way to visually add logic to your games.

You'll build a simple game with input, collision, basic AI, User Interface and audio.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the basic features of the Unreal Engine 4 editor
  • Build levels containing materials, terrain, and gameplay elements
  • Start building a game with a fully interactive character

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Second Semester Introduction / UE4 Projects
  2. Unreal Engine Classes
  3. Source Control
  4. Unreal Engine C++
  5. Blueprints
  6. Input and Collision
  7. Graphics and Materials
  8. Terrain and Environment
  9. Basic AI
  10. User Interface 
  11. Audio
  12. Putting It All Together

*Curriculum subject to change based on industry input


Intermediate Game Programming


In the final term, students will tackle some more advanced uses of the Unreal Engine for a more complete picture of developing Unreal games, including character animations, particle effects, serialization, loading and streaming levels.

You'll finish the course by developing your own fully playable game from scratch.

Learn how to:

  • Fully explore the Unreal animation and cinematics systems
  • Understand how saving, loading and serialization work
  • Fully flesh out your game started in the second semester

Weekly Breakdown

  1. Third Semester Introduction / Project Review
  2. Saving and Loading
  3. Particle Systems
  4. Animation
  5. Events and Delegates
  6. Memory Management 
  7. Level Loading and Streaming
  8. Serialization
  9. Sequencer
  10. Profiling and Optimization
  11. Paper 2D
  12. Putting It All Together

*Curriculum subject to change based on industry input



Mentor of Game Programming

Meet Firas

At an early age, Firas knew the future was in his hands.  As a matter of fact, he took it with him wherever he went. A Gameboy he received as a gift for his eighth birthday was his introduction to the wonderful world of gaming, and he knew immediately he wanted to make video game when he grew up.  Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Computer Science, Firas got his first gig in the games industry at Silicon Knights. Hired on an AI programmer, he fell in love with the making AI and gameplay systems come to life.  
Soon after he joined Ubisoft and has had the privilege of working with some of the best developers in the industry releasing titles such as Far Cry 3,4 & 5, Assassins Creed 3, Your Shape, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, FarCry Primal, and Watchdogs 2. 

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The CG Spectrum Advantage

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Learn from highly experienced and passionate mentors who are actively working in the industry on major feature films and AAA video games.

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Payment Plans

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Tuition & Study Options

Small Class Option

If you enjoy learning with others and sharing ideas, small group classes are for you! Fun, engaging and capped at 5 students max, this option is a great way to learn game programming from an industry mentor at an affordable price. Ideal if you thrive in a collaborative environment and wish to start building your peer network while you learn. While there is some flexibility with class times, if you have a rigid schedule consider 1-on-1 mentorship.


$1075 USD

10 x payments



$3325 USD

3 x payments

(Save 10%)


$7995 USD

1 x payments

(Save 25%)

1-On-1 Private Option

Progress faster as an artist with 1-on-1 mentorship! Private tuition offers a higher level of individual attention and more flexibility to schedule classes around work and family commitments. Your mentor can also customize the game programming course based on your particular strengths and interests. This option is perfect for those wanting to change careers and get into the industry, or established artists keen to upskill or change specialties.


$1350 USD

10 x payments



$4050 USD

3 x payments

(Save 10%)


$9995 USD

1 x payments

(Save 25%)

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