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CG Spectrum has teamed up with KitBash3D to sponsor its Mission to Minerva community art challenge offering two lucky winners a full scholarship to study the Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production Course (valued at $7,999)! 

How do you get involved? Read on for details about:

  • Challenge info and dates
  • CG Spectrum's special KitBash3D livestream events
  • The guest judges (from ILM, Riot Games, NASA, Netflix & CD Projekt Red)
  • A complete prize list run-down
  • Our Real-time 3D & Virtual Production Course


KitBash3D's Mission to Minerva challenge

We’ve discovered a new star system called the Minerva Galaxy! Your mission, should you choose to accept, will be to create your own planet with a unique discovery settlement. This community art challenge is all about imagination, creativity, and discovery—working towards a user-generated galaxy! 

Challengers will get access to a free 3D asset Kit from KitBash3D, filled with everything a spacefaring explorer needs, from cargo ships, terrain rovers, modular habitats, and terraformers to use as they build their own space settlement concept art or animation.

Seasoned 3D artists and beginners alike will have everything they need to create their own virtual world and contribute to this community-generated galaxy.  

- KitBash3D Co-Founder Banks Boutté

Challenge dates 

Entries open on 11 October (9:00am PST), and you have until 2 December 2022 (9:00am PST) to submit your contribution to the galaxy.

Winners will be announced on 20 December (time TBC).

Kit training & CG Spectrum livestreams 

As part of Mission to Minerva, KitBash3D has created free basic training tutorials to teach new and seasoned artists everything they need to know to build their first world or animation in Blender and Unreal Engine 5.


CG Spectrum Dept. Head of VFX, Daniel Hourigan (Game of Thrones, John Wick, Aquaman) will also be running two KitBash3D livestreams to get you motivated (and prepared) to start creating. 

Dates and links to streams: 

  • Stream 01— Scene Layout - 7 November (PST)
    The first stream will focus on taking a good look at the components of the Minerva Kit and demonstrate a few techniques for procedurally laying out the assets into an environment, and rendering.

  • Stream 02— Visual effects - 21 November (PST)
    The second stream will take the layout and environment produced in the first stream and focus on adding FX and animation to the environment to bring it to life. (Be prepared for explosions and destruction!)

For more information about these exciting events and to ensure you don’t miss Daniel's live streams, subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications.


Scene from KitBash3D Minerva Kit

How to enter

To be in with a chance to win a CG Spectrum scholarship and some other great prizes, download KitBash3D's free Minerva Kit to get started.

KitBash3D Minerva Kit specs:

  • Hyper modular
  • 60 assets
  • 63 materials
  • 459 textures 
  • 3 additional textures spheres with terrain types to make your own terrain
  • 648 Meshes


Scene from KitBash3D Minerva Kit

For all the details on how to join the challenge and get your free Kit and training, head to

Mission to Minerva judges 

Your entries will be judged by some of the best in the business across the entertainment industry.

  • Shannon Wiggins, Talent Acquisition, ILM
  • Paullina Weeks, Talent Acquisition, Netflix
  • Michael Lentz, Art Director, NASA
  • Devon Fay, Art Director, Riot Games
  • Pawel Mielniczuk, Art Director, CD Projekt Red


Minerva full prize list 

There are so many great prizes to help you progress as a 3D artist for film and games.


1st Place Winner (Concept & In-Motion Awards)

  • Wacom Cintiq 16  
  • NVIDIA RTX 4080 Graphics Card 
  • 6x KitBash3D Kits  
  • CG Spectrum - 9-Month Course (Real-Time 3D & Virtual Production or similar)* 
  • The Gnomon Workshop - 1-Year Subscription 
  • ArtStation Pro - 1-Year Subscription  
  • $100 ArtStation Gift Card - (Prints and Marketplace)

2nd Place Winner (Concept & In-Motion Awards)

    • Wacom Intuos Pro S 
    • 4x KitBash3D Kits 
    • The Gnomon Workshop - 6-Month Subscription 
    • ArtStation Pro - 1-Year Subscription 
    • $100 ArtStation Gift Card - (Prints and Marketplace) 

3rd Place (Concept & In-Motion Awards)

  • Wacom Intuos S 
  • 2x KitBash3D Kits  
  • The Gnomon Workshop - 6 Months Free Subscription 
  • ArtStation Pro - 1-Year Subscription
  • $100 ArtStation Gift Card - (Prints and Marketplace)

7x Honorable Mentions (Concept & In-Motion Awards)

    • 1x KitBash3D Kit 
    • The Gnomon Workshop - 3-Month Subscription 
    • ArtStation Pro - 1-Year Subscription 

The top 20 contestants will also be featured in ArtStation.

*For more information on the full terms and conditions of the CG Spectrum scholarship prize, see our Terms & Conditions page.

About our Real-time 3D & Virtual Production Course 

During our 9-month industry-led course, you'll learn to create film-quality environments using world building, digital humans, lighting, and camera techniques, and see how to apply these skills in the real world for job roles on a stage volume.

These skills are essential not only for new content creators but also for traditional filmmakers wanting to transition their existing skills to the virtual production environment.

You'll finish the course with an impressive short film for your reel, and work with your industry mentor and our career development manager to build the right skills to get you job-ready.

To find out more, head to the Real-time 3D & Virtual Production Course page.

Don't miss your chance to win a CG Spectrum scholarship through the KitBash3D Mission to Minerva challenge!

From a free KitBash3D Kit and basic training to judges from top film and game studios and a swag of incredible prizes, including a CG Spectrum scholarship—the Mission to Minerva art challenge is out of this world! It's a unique opportunity to flex your creativity, hone new skills, and showcase your talent while teaming up with fellow artists to build a new fictional star system.

Head to the KitBash3D website for more details and to download your Minerva Galaxy Kit. 


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