Student Spotlight: FX and Simulation Student Subhan Asif

1 minute read


Check out some amazing FX and Simulation work by Subhan Asif. Subi is not only an incredibly talented artist, but also a fantastic guy and a joy to work with.

Subi has some great work to show off using Maya and Houdini as you'll see in the videos below.   Check out some effects and let us know what you think!

Here's a little background info on Subi:

I started FX early 2016. Prior to this my focus was heavily invested in environment art as I had aspired to work towards becoming an environment artist. realizing late 2015 I wanted more of a challenge so I tried out FX and loved every bit of it. Through CG Spectrum I’ve been learning Houdini, although it’s been less than 2 months as prior to this I worked within Maya FX.

Subi's VFX film reel

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