How to make Oscar-worthy VFX: Love and Monsters

Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor Gen Camilleri and CG Supervisor Stephanie Pocklington take you behind the scenes of the Love and Monsters visual effects

Credit: Paramount / Mr.X

Find out what it takes to make Academy Award-nominated VFX!

VFX Supervisor Genevieve Camilleri and CG Supervisor Stephanie Pocklington will take you behind the scenes of the amazing visual effects they created for Love and Monsters!

They'll show you how they brought unreal monsters to life, break down before-and-afters, and discuss how leadership and teamwork are vital to the success of a project, even with limited resources.

This webinar is for anyone who:
  • Is interested in working in visual effects
  • Wants to know how Genevieve and Stephanie guided their teams to create epic VFX that earned an Oscar nomination
  • Really enjoyed Love and Monsters and wants to know how the awesome creatures were created!
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Genevieve Camilleri

Genevieve Camilleri | VFX Supervisor & CG Spectrum Mentor of Compositing - Oscar-nominated Genevieve Camilleri has a decade of experience in the feature film industry as a VFX Supervisor, Sequence Lead and Compositor. She worked at studios across Australia and North America including ILM, Method Studios and Animal Logic on projects like Top Gun: Maverick, Love, Death & Robots, Kong: Skull Island, Peter Rabbit, Doctor Strange, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road. She was the VFX Supervisor on Love and Monsters at Mill Film (now Technicolor).

Stephanie Pocklington

Stephanie Pocklington | CG Supervisor - Stephanie was the CG Supervisor on Love and Monsters. Prior to this she worked at studios like Weta Digital, MPC, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and Mr. X, on titles like Game of Thrones, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and the upcoming Avatar 2 movie. She is currently the Modeling Supervisor at Animal Logic in Sydney, Australia.

Maxine Schnepf

Maxine Schnepf | CG Spectrum Career Development Manager - Maxine's job is to help CG Spectrum students get industry-ready through career advice, portfolio reviews and priceless insider insights from her time as a former VFX Producer at Technicolor and Resources Manager at Mr. X. She has been involved in every stage of the VFX production pipeline, and worked on major films including Blade Runner 2049, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, and three Star Wars films.

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