How to package and price assets for Unreal Marketplace

Clinton Crumpler (Dekogon Studios) and Carl Shedd (World Building Director at Gearbox Software) show you how to create and sell high-quality assets on Unreal Marketplace.

Art: Dekogon Studios

Part 2: How to package, price, and sustain your business on Unreal Marketplace

Clinton Crumpler and Carl Shedd give you first-hand tips and expert advice that could boost your career as a 3D artist and provide extra income.

Carl shows you how he uses assets from stores like Unreal Marketplace to create mind-blowing 3D environments while Clinton gives pro tips on how to properly package, price and sell your assets.

What you'll learn:
  • Why you should create assets and what's hot right now

  • Creating for Unreal Marketplace vs TurboSquid, etc.
  • How to package and sell your assets
  • Pricing tips and valuing yourself as an artist
  • How scenes are constructed and how they impact the final user

  • Building quality and trust with your audience

  • Dealing with license and legal issues

In case you missed it, watch Part 1: Creating & selling assets on Unreal Marketplace.

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About the guests
Clinton Crumpler

Clinton Crumpler | Creative Director at Dekogon Studios & Mentor of 3D Modeling - Clinton has worked as an artist at Microsoft Studio's The Coalition and Bethesda's Battlecry Studios, among others, and his credits include Gears of War 4 and 5 and Scavengers. From environments, props, weapons, vehicles, structures, textures, to shaders and more, Clinton and his team at Dekogon Studios create popular user-friendly assets for the industry, from AAA to indie studios. See Clinton's work.

Carl Shedd

Carl Shedd | World Building Director at Gearbox Software & Mentor of 3D Modeling - Carl has worked in the industry for over 17 years, having started his career at Gearbox Software. In 2008 he was part of a small team that was integral to evolving the Borderlands art style into what it has become today. Carl's credits also include Brothers In Arms and Rage. Carl’s mind-blowing world builds are a masterclass in how to creatively use assets. See Carl's work.

Justin Mohlman

Justin Mohlman | CG Spectrum Mentor of Foundations - As acting Creative Director for The Rookies, and Game Development Producer and Author at Epic Games, Justin brings his extensive knowledge of games as well as 12+ years of experience as an instructor in higher education. In his 18+ years of experience in the games industry, Justin has helped bring dozens of games to life while at studios like Disney Interactive, Epic Games, Robomondo, Midway Games, and Phosphor Studios. Credits include legacy franchises such as Tony Hawk, Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat and other AAA titles.

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