How to make Oscar-worthy VFX

Webinar with the Love and Monsters team


How to Make Oscar-Worthy VFX with the Team from Love and Monsters

Find out exactly what it takes to make Academy Award-nominated VFX with the Oscar-nominated team who worked on Love and Monsters!

Genevieve Camilleri (CG Spectrum's Mentor of VFX Compositing and Love and Monsters' VFX Supervisor) and Stephanie Pocklington (CG Supervisor on Love and Monsters) join CG Spectrum's Career Development Manager Maxine Schnepf to discuss how leadership and teamwork are vital to the success of a project, even with limited resources. We break down the before-and-afters and get behind the scenes takes on some incredible VFX shots!

For information about having Oscar-nominated VFX Supervisor Genevieve Camilleri as your mentor, check out the VFX Compositing Diploma or get in touch!

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