Working on Marvel’s Loki with VFX Compositing Artist Brittany Piacente

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Maxine chats with VFX Artist Brittany Piacente about what it’s like to work remotely as a Compositor during a pandemic, the value of good mentorship, visual effects on the Marvel series Loki, and why treating everything as a learning experience will help you to stand out in your job in the film and games industry.

Brittany has worked in leadership positions across major studios, including Method Studios, Mr. X (now Technicolor), Deluxe and now Wētā FX. She’s contributed to more than 60 films and TV shows, including Loki (season 1), Peacemaker (Season 1), Black Panther, Blade Runner 2049, Vikings (season 6), Mad Max: Fury Road, and the Star Wars franchise. She is also a Nuke Compositing mentor at CG Spectrum.

Loki_Season1_Ep3_pompeii-vfx-afterStill from Loki with added VFX. Compositing by Brittany (Image credit: Method Studios)

Loki_Season1_Ep3_deletionFX_beforeShot from Loki season 1 before VFX (Image credit: Method Studios)

VFX breakdown of Vikings season 6 episode 10, "Best Laid Plans", which won an Emmy in 2020 for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role (and which Brittany worked on!).

Brittany's impressive showreel

For more information, visit Brittany Piacente's website, LinkedIn, and IMDB.

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MAXINE SCHNEPF: From Producing to HR, Maxine's worked on 40+ blockbuster films at studios like Mr X, Deluxe Animation and Technicolor VFX. Now as CG Spectrum's Career Development Manager, Maxine helps students get industry-ready. Her credits include: Blade Runner 2049, War for the Planet of the Apes, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Doctor Strange, Star Trek Beyond and three Star Wars films.