Game Dev Job Interview Tips From Electronic Arts' Sarah Spiers

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Maxine chats with Forbes 30 Under 30 in Games, Sarah Spiers, the Interim Executive Director of the IGDA Foundation, and Development Director at EA Games. 

Sarah details her strategy for breaking into the games industry, including how to create a great portfolio, networking, and the value of mentors. She and Maxine share crucial practical tips for crafting your resume (including one common mistake that could be costing you interviews!), the only three stories you need to prepare for a job interview, and how job recruiting *really* works.

Sarah is an award-winning Senior Producer with experience building mobile, PC, console, VR, and Voice Assistant games and interactive experiences. Her most recent producer role was overseeing feature development for Krafton's PU: Battlegrounds, an online multiplayer battle royale game.

Currently working as the Development Director for EA Maxis in Boston, Sarah also serves as the Interim Executive Director of the IGDA Foundation, a non-profit focused on growing and retaining marginalized developers in the game industry.

Sarah has worked in both commercial and educational game industries, helping clients such as Apple, Scholastic, NBC/Universal, and PBS bring their IP to games. Recently, she was inducted into the Women In Games Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement and was named Forbes 30 Under 30 in Games for her leadership and impact.


pubg-battlegrounds-video-gameBattlegrounds by PUBG, a game Sarah produced.

wylde-flowers-broomstickStill from the video game Wylde Flowers, a cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist. This game is created by developers who worked on The Sims franchise and is proudly produced by Sarah.

About IGDA Foundation: Through various programs and events, the IGDA Foundation focuses on improving the lives of game developers by making game development a more diverse and inclusive community. Learn more about their important work and how to get involved: igdafoundation.org.

igda-foundation-logoIGDA logo, where Sarah is acting as Interim Executive Director

To find out more about Sarah, check out her Twitter and LinkedIn.

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