Hubert Lapointe

2D Animator & Director

Mentor of 2D Animation

Hubert Lapointe

After studying 2D animation at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, Hubert started his career as a freelance illustrator and cut-out animator at Oasis Animation in Montreal, QC. Two and a half years later, with a few TV shows under his belt (Lucky Fred, Perrucité and Martha Speaks), he became a software instructor at Toonboom Animation. This eye-opening experience helped him acquire an even sharper understanding of the industry on the international scene and better knowledge of the production techniques currently being used.

In 2016, Hubert returned to the studio where he got his first animation supervisor credit (on The Ollie and Moon Show for Netflix) and worked on numerous ads as both a freelance director and animator. He also got the chance to work remotely on multiple TV shows (Rick and Morty S3 at Bardel Entertainment, Squish at Caribara Animation, and two pilots for Xilam Animation) and began teaching animation in Montréal. In 2017, he was hired as director and 2D animator at Shed where he worked on multiple pitches and projects on both advertisements and short films.

After spending a year as a freelance animator, animation supervisor and director on different ads and TV shows, Hubert is now working as animation director at Happy Camper Media in Quebec, Canada a company producing prime time children TV series, most notably Jon Le Bon airing on CBC.


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