2D Animation Essentials

Learn 2D animation for beginners taught by professional animators online.



Study duration

3 months


20 hrs weekly

Skill level



Basic computer and drawing skills


Weekly online classes, feedback and support


Toon Boom Harmony

Start date

Jun 3, 2024


Learn 2D animation essentials

A fun, hands-on 2D animation short course for beginners

In just 3 months, this beginner's course will equip you with a solid foundation in 2D animation. You'll dive right into the 12 Principals of Animation, learn hand-drawn style animation, and explore the many features of Toon Boom Harmony, picking up both modern and traditional animation techniques.

Learn from professional animators who worked on classics like Klaus, Rick & Morty, Pokemon Sun & Moon, Pocahontas, and Road to El Dorado! Discover industry secrets used to create the whimsical animated characters you grew up watching, and create 2D animations from scratch.

After completing the course, you can advance your skill set for a career as a 2D animator by enrolling in our 2D Animation Foundations course. 

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An industry-approved curriculum to get you started in the world of 2D animation

Term 1: 12 weeks

Foundations 1: Essentials of 2D Animation

Starting with the 12 Principles of Animation, you'll learn 2D animation fundamentals step by step and start animating your first 2D pieces: the bouncing ball, flour sack jump, and a walk cycle that brings your animated character to life. You'll discover how to create an animated scene packed with personality and emotion, while also creating the illusion of three-dimensional space; learn key features of Toon Boom and get familiar with drawing tools, posing, timing, spacing, the timeline, and X-sheet. 

  • How to make your own 2D animations from scratch
  • Use Toon Boom Harmony software
  • Apply the 12 Principles of Animation
  • Create animated scenes using the most efficient workflows
  • 2D Animation Introduction and Overview
  • Bouncing Ball Animation Exercise
  • Adding a Tail to the Bouncing Ball
  • Drawing Fundamentals
  • Flour Sack Animation 01
  • Flour Sack Animation 02
  • Flour Sack Animation 03
  • Animating a Walk 01
  • Animating a Walk 02
  • Animating a Walk 03
  • Animating a Simple Character Take
  • Animating a Complex Character Take

Small Class

The most affordable way to learn from top industry mentors in a fun, collaborative environment, while still getting plenty of personalized feedback.

  • Max. 4 students per course
  • Affordable high-quality education
  • Network while you learn

1-on-1 Private

Progress faster and enjoy more flexiblity with private mentorship. Ideal for busy schedules, career-changers, or artists upgrading skills or changing specialties.

  • Maximum level of mentor interaction
  • Greater flexibility to schedule classes
  • Customized learning experience


Choose your class size

$1,185 USD

(3 x payments)

$1,750 USD

(3 x payments)

Essentials + Foundations Bundle

Add the Foundations of 2D Animation and save up to 20%

We understand the unique needs of students pursuing careers in creative industries. That's why we offer curated course bundles that align with specific career paths or skill development goals. These bundles are designed to provide comprehensive training while offering cost savings compared to enrolling in individual courses.

Pathway illustration for 9 Month Bundle

Get direct access to leading animators

All 2D animation classes are led by industry veterans with years of experience working on animated video games, animated movies and cartoons. They'll help you get your animations looking sharp, frame by frame!

Frequently asked questions

2D Animation Essentials course FAQs

Explore the answers to commonly asked questions about the 2D Animation Essentials course.

For this beginner 2D animation course, you will need basic computer skills and a computer that meets the minimum specifications (see next question).


Toon Boom Harmony Premium.  Student discounts are provided. Instructions for how to obtain your student for this software will be provided upon enrollment.


You will need a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for Toon Boom, and a graphics tablet (see 2D animation software and equipment).

Please note: as the software we use is regularly updated, please check the specs against the latest available version at the time of enrolling.

Studying 2D animation can open up a variety of career paths in the entertainment industry. 

This short 2D animation course will get started with the basics of animation, but in a competitive industry, continuing your studies with the full 2D animation study pathway (2D Animation Foundations Course and the 2D Cut-out Animator Specialization) will better prepare you for a job in the industry and help increase your employment opportunities.

The advanced course covers different types of animation, more complex computer animation techniques, and includes an entire term dedicated to career development and portfolio preparation to get your animation projects ready to show employers.

Some of the junior 2D animator jobs you could pursue after completing the full study pathway include:

Discover more about these 2D animator jobs, tips, and salary expectations on our careers page:


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