Learn anime-style 2D animation

Discover what it takes to become an anime artist and fast-track your career with mentorship from Misu Yamaneko! 

Learn the fundamentals of 2D animation using Toon Boom Harmony focusing on anime style. You'll be guided every step of the way by Tokyo-based 2D artist Misu Yamaneko, who has worked on popular anime productions like Pokemon Sun & Moon, Vinland Saga, Promised Neverland, Overlord II, Natsume's Book of Friends, Merc Storia, and Bleach Brave Souls. Don't miss this unique opportunity to have Misu as your mentor!

Why study anime-style animation at CG Spectrum:

  • Learn from a professional 2D artist with years of experience in the anime industry in Japan
  • Train on industry software Toon Boom Harmony
  • 100% online mentorship - learn from anywhere
  • Live weekly Q&A sessions and personalized video critiques


Discover what it takes to become an anime artist! CG Spectrum’s 2D animation classes are conducted entirely online, meaning they’re available to you, wherever you are in the world. 

Please note: This course teaches 2D animation fundamentals with a focus on the anime style. The course does not teach anime drawing. Seats are strictly limited.



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Learn anime-style animation with Misu Yamaneko

Turn your passion for anime into a career with this comprehensive animation course. Progress faster with expert-led career training and mentorship from a seasoned industry veteran.
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Master the fundamentals of anime-style 2D animation

Please note: This curriculum is identical to the 2D Animation Course but offers a specific focus on anime-style animation. Students interested in this niche will benefit from the mentorship of a renowned 2D artist with years of experience working on popular anime productions.

Term 1: 12 weeks
Fundamentals of 2D Animation

Starting with the 12 Principles of Animation, you'll learn 2D animation fundamentals and begin putting them into practice with your first 2D pieces: the bouncing ball, flour sack jump and a walk cycle.

You'll discover how to add personality and emotion to your work while creating the illusion of three-dimensional space; learn key features of Toon Boom; and get familiar with drawing tools, posing, timing, spacing, the timeline and X-sheet. 

  • How to make your own 2D animations from scratch
  • Use Toon Boom Harmony software
  • Apply the 12 Principles of Animation
  • Set up efficient workflows
  1. The Principles of Animation
  2. Bouncing Ball Exercise 01
  3. Bouncing Ball Exercise 02
  4. Drawing Fundamentals
  5. Flour Sack Exercise 01
  6. Flour Sack Exercise 02
  7. Flour Sack Exercise 03
  8. Walk Cycle Contact Poses
  9. Walk Cycle Inbetweens
  10. Walk Cycle Follow-through
  11. Character Take Key Poses
  12. Character Take Inbetweens
Term 2: 12 weeks
Acting and Creature Animation

This term focuses on drawing skills, advanced physical human and quadruped animation, plus animating pantomime and simple dialogue scenes. You'll study the greats and discover what makes their work so captivating, learn the importance of silhouettes, how to use a variety of timing in your story, and gain speed creating thumbnails and key poses.

  • How to identify what makes or breaks a scene
  • Leverage anatomy principles in your work
  • Create your own compelling pantomime animation
  • Bring creatures to life with believable movement
  1. Anatomy for Animators
  2. Anatomy with Volume
  3. Quadruped Walks 01
  4. Quadruped Walks 02
  5. Runs in Perspective 01
  6. Run in Perspective 02
  7. Acting for Animators
  8. Pantomime: Key Drawings
  9. Pantomime: In-betweens
  10. Study of Animation Greats
  11. Character Monologue 01
  12. Character Monologue 02
Term 3: 12 weeks
Advanced Acting for 2D Animation

By this stage, you’re ready for more advanced aspects of 2D: creating appealing characters, solid drawings, expressive acting and FX animation. Increase your technical skills while working towards creating a polished dialogue scene. Finish the course by polishing your portfolio and exploring next steps with your mentor.

  • How to create successful model sheets
  • Develop a 2-person dialogue scene
  • Add compelling FX and details
  • Finalize projects for your portfolio
  1. Body Language
  2. Dialogue Scene: Planning
  3. Study of Acting Scenes
  4. Dialogue Scene 01
  5. Dialogue Scene 02
  6. Figure Drawing
  7. Dialogue Scene 03
  8. Drawing Quadrupeds
  9. Clean-up Animation
  10. Tradigital FX 01
  11. Tradigital FX 02
  12. Animation Reel Review

Have questions? We've got answers.


Learn more about the prerequisites for this course and the animation careers you could explore in the future. For general questions about studying at CG Spectrum, visit the main FAQ page or contact us.


For this course, you will need basic computer skills and a computer that meets the minimum specifications (see next question).


A student licence of Toon Boom will be provided for the length of the course.


You will need a computer that meets the minimum system requirements for Toon Boom, and a graphics tablet (see 2D animation software and equipment).

This course gives you an excellent understanding of 2D animation fundamentals, and depending on your level of commitment, skills, and portfolio pieces, you may be ready to start applying for entry-level artist positions.

To increase your hiring potential, the Advanced 2D Animation Course is recommended. It covers more complex techniques and includes an entire term dedicated to career development and portfolio preparation to prepare you for junior 2D animator jobs such as:

Discover more about these 2D animator jobs, tips, and salary expectations on our careers page:


Misu Yamaneko

Misu is a professional 2D artist who has worked on popular anime like Pokemon Sun & Moon, Promised Neverland, Vinland Saga, Overlord II and Bleach Brave Souls. She has years of experience with storyboards, pitch, layouts, illustrations and 3D graphics, and works traditionally on paper as well as digitally. She looks forward to sharing her passion and expertise with students, while offering valuable industry insights on what it's like to be an anime artist in Japan.


Small Class

LIMITED SEATS! This class fills up quickly and is strictly limited to 4 students. Enquire now about securing your spot.

  • Only 4 students per class
  • Live weekly Q&As & critiques with Misu
  • High-quality job-focused curriculum
  • Supportive CG Spectrum community
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