The Animated Film & Video Game industry is on the rise and so are online computer animation courses. International consumption of digital entertainment is at an all-time high. Think about the currently most popular movies, video games, even mobile apps. Talented artists are using increasingly sophisticated technology to entertain and amaze a more tech-savy audience. With a rapidly expanding market, there is increasing demand for talented, passionate 3D animators and CGI artists.

A career of building visual effects and 3D animation might not be as hard to enter as you think.

The Film Industry

3D Animation is the growing juggernaut of the entertainment industry. Globally, the 3D animation industry was worth about USD 244 billion in 2015.

This is no surprise when you switch on your T.V., jump on your favourite streaming service, or head to the cinema. Since the release of pioneers such as Toy Story and Shrek, the last decade has seen the 3D animation feature film market target adults as much as children. Even live action films are increasingly relying on top quality 3D animators in the latest blockbusters. Currently over twenty of the highest grossing films of all time have relied heavily on CGI.

Major markets of 3D Animation include the United States, Canada, Japan, China, France, Britain, Korea and Germany, with the industry growing consistently across these countries around 5% year to year. More, due to the digital nature of the work, North American and European film production companies are increasingly looking to outsource parts of their huge workload.

The Game Industry

The other side of the 3D animators job market is in interactive media. According to reports from market researcher SuperData Research, video games generated USD 91 billion worldwide in 2016.

This was led by the mobile gaming segment, the fastest growing sector in digital entertainment, grew to USD 41 billion (up 18%). Followed by retail games netting USD 26 billion and free-to-play online gaming at USD 19 billion. The demand for fresh content, more polished graphics, and more engaging play styles have the combining effect to sharply increase international demand for 3D animation professionals.

And don’t discount Australia from the picture. In the last few years, Australia’s moved from strength to strength in the international stage of video game development. Insert blurb about The Arcade in Melbourne.

Online Computer Animation Courses

With such rapid growth in the sector, now is the perfect time to fulfil your dream of working in the 3D Animation and VFX industry. CG Spectrum College of Digital Art and Animation has a range of online animation courses to upskill you to job ready status.

Our online 3D animation course will help you develop your skills and technical knowledge to help you become a successful 3D animator for feature film and video games. If you don’t have any prior experience you can learn from the ground up or jump ahead into the advanced courses if you’re looking to upgrade your skills.

Over a short 10 months, on a course load of 20 hours per week, our computer animation courses will train you in the latest animation techniques on cutting-edge software.

Want to start your dream career as a 3D animator? Check out our full range of online digital art courses to see the learning opportunities available at CG Spectrum College of Digital Art and Animation.


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