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Get a taste of our materials and mentors in this FREE weekly video course that will take you through the basics of Autodesk Maya, from navigating the tools and interface to creating your first 3D objects with digital sculpting techniques.

You’ll finish up by modeling and texturing a lightsaber in a tutorial designed by our industry professional mentors. Complete the course and share your work online - don't forget to tag #cgspectrum!

What you'll learn:

Breakdown of what's included in this free Maya course:

We start with the basics of the Maya interface and foundational skills that will later help you model, texture and render your lightsaber from scratch.

When you start modeling, you need to create objects. The easiest way to start modeling is by creating geometric primitives, such as spheres, cubes, cylinders, and planes, which can be the base for more complex objects.

During this lesson, you will learn how to manipulate polygons, edges, faces and vertexes by using the basic 3D modeling tools in the user interface.

It’s important to keep your scene organized. In this lesson, we will go through basic selection techniques and how to hide and unhide objects to make you scene more manageable.

Next we will explore the Attribute Editor which lists attributes on the selected object and gives you full graphical controls to edit attributes rather than just text boxes.

There are many ways to manipulate an object. In this lesson, we dive deeper into the 3D modeling toolset and explore tools such as the multi-cut, extrude and bevel tools.

To make sure you fully understand Maya’s modeling toolset we’ll walk through the steps of creating a basic polygon sword before getting into the lightsaber tutorials.

Now you're getting the hang of it! The remaining lessons walk you through the processes of 3D modeling, texturing and rendering your lightsaber from start to finish.

May the force be with you!

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