Simon Warwick

Owner of Collectivision Studios

Dept. Head of Real-Time 3D

Simon Warwick

Simon Warwick is trained and practiced in animation but is always exploring new technology in order to create the next best thing. He’s been working in the video game industry since 2005, and was credited as the only technical cinematic animator for Batman: Arkham City at Rocksteady Studios.

Proficient in a wide range of software and tools including Unreal Engine 4, Maya, 3DSMax and After Effects, Simon's technical expertise makes him invaluable. He is currently at the helm of CG Spectrum's Real-time 3D and Virtual Production department. 

Simon hopes to pass along skills learned in the games industry to help students deal with problems with no correct answers. He believes having an open mind and staying just outside your comfort zone can keep you ahead of the competition and make you a valuable employee. With time, the mysterious world of game development will be something you too can explore and create in!

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Simon Warwick's Demo Reel