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Creative/Animation Director at Exceptional Minds


About Scott

About Scott

Mentor of 2D Animation

Scott's background has been that of an animator and storyboard artist working on both feature and TV animation. Currently, he is working as a Supervising Director at Exceptional Minds Studios in Sherman Oaks California, training and guiding aspiring artists on the spectrum to work on and produce professional quality content for real-world jobs.


Scott's work

Credits include Curious George, The Wild Thornberrys, The Lionhearts, Pinky and the Brain, Thumbelina, and Tom and Jerry: The Movie, to name a few.

Q&A with Scott

Which city are you currently based in?

Glendale, California, USA

What did your pathway into the industry look like?

My animation career began as a film major at Columbia College in Chicago. After Graduating with my BA, I was accepted in the Classical Animation program at the esteemed Sheridan College in Toronto. After college, I worked for a short time at a small studio on animated commercials before moving to California, where I landed my first job on an animated feature film at Bluth Studios Animation.

I worked on Troll in Central Park and Thumbelina, then moved on to Rich Studios and the film The Swan Princess. I continued to work in animation at many commercial studios, but then my love of story and
the challenge of crafting story and pictures, and my ability to contribute ideas and gags, led me down the road of storyboarding.

I have subsequently worked as a storyboard artist at Universal Studios, Warner Bros, and Hyperion on such titles as Curious George, Ozzy and Drix, Baby Looney Toons, Pinky and the Brain, and Space Jam.

What has been the best experience of your career so far?
The most rewarding time of my career was storyboarding on the TV show Pinky and the Brain for Warner Bros TV Animation. It was my first time as a full-time storyboard artist and working for a really great and dynamic crew. Learned to love the challenge of getting projects done on a tight deadline.
What’s your advice for your students?

I believe the greatest resource for young artists is each other. Stay in contact and relish the opportunity to network from your group. Always be open to watching and learning from each other. Stay humble.

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How do you stay creative outside of work?
I am active with various hobbies and volunteering in my children’s schools. Have enjoyed creating logos, cartoon characters, editing school newsletters, and yearbooks. Also kept creative by helping several clients bring their children's books and stories to print by designing the cover art, illustrating the chapters, and in some cases, doing the entire layout in Adobe InDesign and readying it for print.
What excites you most about the future of animation?
I am always inspired and excited to see what new people coming into the industry are doing  and what their inspiration is. Great to see new personal styles and stories. Also amazed how technology has evolved to allow one to create a professional animated film (2D or 3D) from start to finish on your laptop or tablet!

Learn more about Scott's experience on his website, see his work on ArtStation, or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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