Robert Thomas

Effects TD at Digital Domain

Mentor of Houdini FX

Robert Thomas

Effects Technical Director at Digital Domain, Robby Thomas studied visual effects at the University of Texas, Dallas, where he took two semesters of Houdini and fell in love.

His passion for Houdini and effects work blossomed during an internship with Side Effects, and 6 months later he landed his dream job at Digital Domain working on the Roland Emmerich film 2012. During his 5 years at Digital Domain, Robby was attracted to tasks where he could build Houdini setups for other artists, and support those artists, solving any technical issues along the way.

Through this, he got into teaching and now teaches an online Houdini training course and tutors other artists in the industry. Robby’s other film credits include Beauty and the Beast, Tron: Legacy, Thor, Transformers 3 and Ender’s Game.

Have Robby as your mentor in the Houdini FX course.



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Robert Thomas's Demo Reel