Misu Yamaneko

2D Artist / Storyboard Artist

Mentor of 2D Animation

Misu Yamaneko

Originally from Italy, Misu is a 2D artist in living and working as a storyboard artist in Tokyo. At 19 she moved to Japan to study anime and CG while embarking on a number of internships, including one at HAL Laboratory, Inc.

She quickly established herself in the industry, and has since worked on part of the Pokemon Sun & Moon animation as storyboard artist and director, and on popular anime productions such as Promised Neverland, Vinland Saga, Overlord II, Natsume's Book of Friends and Merc Storia. Misu has also worked as a storyboard artist and motion director for the video game Bleach Brave Souls.

She has years of experience with storyboards, pitch, layouts, illustrations and 3D graphics, and works traditionally on paper as well as digitally (which is what she teaches in the 2D course at CG Spectrum). In her free time, Misu loves working on comics, illustrations, and pixel art.


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