Maxine Schnepf

Career Development Manager

Manager of Career Development

Maxine Schnepf

As CG Spectrum's Career Development Manager, Maxine helps our students increase their hiring potential and get ready for life beyond school in their chosen discipline.

Maxine is highly experienced and well-connected in the VFX industry, having worked in all aspects of the post-production process as a VFX Producer, Department Manager, Production Coordinator, and everything in between. She's worked at worldwide studios such as Mr X, Deluxe Animation, and Technicolor VFX, and helped deliver over 40 films and series during her career, including blockbusters like Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, and Ready Player One.

With a special interest in establishing better production practices and implementing new technology and pipeline workflows, she helped improve efficiency between artists and management, and in turn the quality of the final product. Most recently, Maxine was part of the workforce planning team at Mr X, working with Producers and Department Managers to hire new staff, manage artists, and build the teams that would get the projects done.

When she's not working, Maxine loves grilling on the bbq, hanging out with her dog Misha, and watching the credits on her favourite shows to figure out who created them!