Meet Max Maroe

CEO and Founder of PushyPixels

Max Maroe

About Max

About Max

Mentor of Game Programming

Max is a lifelong gamer and game developer. From the early days of playing games on the Commadore 64 to developing on the bleeding edge of virtual reality, Max has devoted his life to the universes inside our computers.

He started learning programming in the early days of the internet and went to DigiPen for his college education in Real Time Interactive Simulation. He worked at Sony Bend Studio for 8 years, progressing from a tester, to tool test, to build management, and finally to production assistant and design roles. He has since worked on countless projects at several smaller studios, including ZeroTransform and his own studio, PushyPixels.

As well as being a CG Spectrum mentor, Max is currently pursuing the development of a multitude of VR and XR games and systems for collaborative online game development within VR.


Max's Games

Credits include: Uncharted, Syphon Filter, and Resistance series, Vanguard V and more.

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