Marcel Laurin

2D Animator and Technical Director

Mentor of 2D Animation

Marcel Laurin

Marcel is an animator/digital artist, who has been animating for film, TV and video games since 2003 at various studios across Canada and France including Bardel Entertainment, Gameloft, and Mercury Filmworks. He also spent a couple of years working as a ToonBoom instructor where he taught ToonBoom Harmony and Storyboard at various studios and schools around the world.

Some of his credits include Ren and Stimpy, Lucky Luke Tous à l'Ouest (Go West: A Lucky Luke Adventure, feature film), Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law, and Jimmy Two Shoes. Marcel was also the animation director on Mouss et Boubidi and solo game developer (art, code etc) on the video game Raygun Gadabout


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