Justin Mohlman

Game Development Learning Producer at Epic Games | Learning and Community Manager at Artstation

Mentor of Foundations

Justin Mohlman

In his 18+ years of experience in the video gaming industry, Justin has helped bring dozens of game titles to life while at studios like Disney Interactive, Epic Games, Robomondo, Midway Games, and Phosphor Studios.

You can find his work in legacy franchises such as Tony Hawk, Kingdom Hearts and Mortal Kombat as well as other AAA titles like Singularity and Stranglehold.

As the acting Creative Director for The Rookies, the industry standard for animation, visual effects and the gaming industries, Justin brings his extensive knowledge of games as well as 12+ years of experience as an instructor in higher education.

When he's not teaching at CG Spectrum, he keeps busy as the Game Development Producer and Author at Epic Games, the video game and software developer responsible for such products as Unreal Engine, Gears of War and Fortnite.

In addition to video game development, Justin has worked as an instructor for over 12 years at schools across the United States, owned a Tattoo Shop in Downtown Chicago with some friends for almost 10 years, and  is a contributing editor with Heavy Metal Magazine, publishing several comic books as well as assisting with marketing and content development. 

When he is not working he loves to cook, collect plants, travel and shoot photography. He also re-watches tv shows and movies like crazy, and can't wait to help you all!


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