Jorge Razon

VFX Supervisor at Soho VFX

Mentor of Foundations

Jorge Razon

Jorge Razon is a Visual Effects Supervisor at Soho VFX. He's been in the VFX industry for over 18 years, and though he has more than 50 credits to his name, he counts Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman and Tomb Raider as some of his most memorable and enjoyable projects. Jorge has always believed in putting his best foot forward and stay passionate about everything he does; this is what keeps his daily life in VFX exciting.

What about outside of work? He's been working as a part-time VFX Professor for 7+ years. His spare time goes to non-mainstream sports and organising the underground sport of drone racing.

Watch our interview with Jorge on what it's like to be a VFX Supervisor on The Boys, Umbrella Academy, and Game of Thrones, and how to get a job in the industry.


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