J.J. Williams

Advanced Game Designer at NetherRealm Studios (WB Games)

Mentor of Game Design

J.J. Williams

J.J. Williams is a game designer and key contributor to state-of-the-art AAA games for the industry’s top studios. He is experienced with leading the entire game development lifecycle, with a focused commitment to creating exciting, challenging, and sought after games that appeal to users. He is a firm believer in empowering his teams to contribute not only artistic talents but also ideas to each project.

Prior to his current role as Advanced Game Designer at NetherRealm Studios (WB Games), J.J. worked at Disney Interactive and Midway Games. He's worked on titles like Injustice and Injustice 2 (mobile), Mortal Kombat X (mobile), Disney Infinity, Avengers Initiative, Disney's Guilty Party, John Woo Presents: Stranglehold and Wheelman.

J.J.'s specialties include: Unity, Unreal Editor 3 and 4, Photoshop, Maya, and Visio. He is an avid and diverse gamer across all platforms and genres, and enjoys sharing his expertise with CG Spectrum students.


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