Jason Gottlieb

VFX Supervisor at FuseFX

Mentor of Nuke Compositing

Jason Gottlieb

Jason is a VFX Supervisor at FuseFX and Compositing Mentor at CG Spectrum. Since 2004, the LA-based visual storyteller has worked as an Animator, Editor, and Compositor. During his past six and a half years at FuseFX Jason has worked on and/or supervised over 80 projects, with countless show episodes, five feature films, two title sequences, and two TV promos.

Skilled at combining CG and FX elements with live-action plates, Jason’s credits include Ratched, The Morning Show, The Orville, Julia, Station 19, and 9-1-1: Lone Star, for which he and his team scored a VES Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode. He's also been nominated for an HPA award.

Dedicated to inspiring the next wave of artists, Jason has encouraged countless students to explore and experiment with the power of Nuke. He’s been mentoring at CG Spectrum for the past six years and has also spent time as a trainer and mentor for FuseFX’s Junior Compositor Apprenticeship program. Teaching both early career talent and established artists, many of Jason’s graduates have gone on to enjoy successful industry careers at studios around the world.

An advocate of ongoing learning, Jason shares his thoughts on this topic in an interview with FuseFX.

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