Jason Gottlieb

Compositing Supervisor at FuseFX

Mentor of Nuke Compositing

Jason Gottlieb

Jason is a Compositing Supervisor and Senior Compositor for television shows. His work includes the integration of CG elements and FX with live-action plates, color correction, 2D & 3D tracking, keying, digital beauty clean-up, creating and integrating motion graphics into live-action plates, and roto/paint clean-up.

Some of the shows Jason has worked on include American Horror Story, Black Sails, Blacklist Redemption, Bones, Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, Designated survivor, Empire, Feud, I’m dying up here, Ozark, Patriot, Prison Break, Queen of the South, Rosewood, Scorpion, Scream Queens, Spaced Out, Snowfall, The Great Indoors, The Outsiders, The Walking Dead, Turn, Tycoon and The Tick.

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Jason Gottlieb's Demo Reel