Hong Chan Lim

Principal/Lead Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment

Mentor of 3D Modeling

Hong Chan Lim

Hong Chan Lim is a Principal/Lead Character Artist at Blizzard Entertainment.

Hong, who has previously worked as an artist with Google and Amazon, got into the industry back in 2004. Early on in his career he was creating concepts, characters, props, and environments as a 2D/3D Artist at Atari on Godzilla: Unleashed and at Electronic Arts (EA) on Superman Returns.

Hong got his first official Senior Character Artist title at Carbine Studios/NCsoft Corp. while working on WILDSTAR, and has focused mainly on character and creature art since.

He has been teaching his craft since 2014, and we're pleased to have him as a mentor of our online 3D Modeling courses.



If you're looking to specialize in digital sculpting with Zbrush Hong also teaches our Advanced 3D Modeling Course.