Heath Smith

Lead Game Designer

Mentor of Game Design

Heath Smith

Heath is a AAA Lead Game Designer based in Melbourne, Australia (previously Montreal, Canada). He has 13+ years industry experience at some of the top studios in North America and Australia.

Heath began his career in Melbourne as the Lead Designer on the Ashes Cricket (2009) & International Cricket (2010) titles for Codemasters (via Transmission & Trickstar Games). After making the jump from +30 degrees Australian Summer to -30 degrees Canadian Quebec winter, he was privileged to be a Senior Designer on The Amazing Spider-Man (Activision Beenox, 2012), Hitman (Square-Enix Montreal) and Rise Of The Tomb Raider (Eidos Montreal, 2015).

Most recently he was Lead Game Designer on Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (Eidos Montreal, 2018). In 2019 he decided to return to his home town of Melbourne, Australia to give back some of the knowledge he had gained in AAA to the local scene. He is currently acting as a design consultant for a variety of independent developers in Melbourne.

Heath’s specialities include Rational Systems Design, Combat Design, Puzzle Design and Meta-game /Economy Design.

Heath looks forward to sharing his wealth of career experience with the next generation of Game Designers at CG Spectrum.


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