David Brown

Meet David Brown

Sr Houdini Artist at RYOT


About David

About David

Mentor of Houdini FX

Dave has been in the film, TV and visual effects industry for two decades. During this time he has led FX and overall VFX teams at major studios such as Animal Logic, Cutting Edge, and Plasticwax.

He has always enjoyed mentoring junior and intern artists in the studio, and finds it energizing to see the world of visual effects through fresh eyes.


Dave's films

Credits include Aquaman, IT: Chapter 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, The Lego Batman Movie, The Lego Ninjago Movie to name a few.

Q&A with Dave

Which city are you currently based in?

Melbourne, Australia

What did your pathway into the industry look like?
I've been in the Film\TV\VFX industry for around 20 years now, starting life as a runner for TV shows, and The Matrix sequels, before teaching myself 3D to work in mainly lighting and FX roles. Having lead FX and VFX teams at Animal Logic, Cutting Edge, and Plasticwax, I stepped back a bit recently and went back to an artist role at Iloura\Method and again at Animal. I'm now working on the Houdini team at Ryot Verizon on some very fun AR\XR projects.
What has been the best experience of your career so far?
Leading the FX teams on two Lego movies at animal logic, so much fun and creativity packed into those few years!
What’s your advice for VFX students?

Ask questions! Nobody is born knowing how to do FX work, we've all had to learn and we're all here to help. There's no such thing as a stupid question.

Learn FX from industry pros 

What do you enjoy most about being a CG Spectrum mentor?
Seeing my students take what we've been talking about and run with it, creating new things with the concepts they learn.
How do you stay creative outside of work?
I dabble in game dev as a hobby, and game playing as the other side of that! Devour movies, books, and anything with a story.
What excites you most about the future of VFX?
The possibilities of real time and offline career paths converging is closer than ever before; the democratization of tools means it's so much more accessible than it ever has been.

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