Dave Pasciuto

3D Artist, Concept Artist, Art/Creative Director

Mentor of Foundations

Dave Pasciuto

Award-winning creative Dave Pasciuto has enjoyed a successful 25-year career in the industry working on projects that touch every market. This includes video games, experiential projects, motion pictures, broadcast and television shows, advertising campaigns, product designs, and his own Kickstarter crowd-funded projects.

Throughout this time Dave has collaborated with world-class talent as a Pixel Artist, 3D Artist, and Concept Artist all the way to Art Director and Creative Director at studios such as Framestore, LVTHN, Electronic Arts, and with clients like Disney, Marvel, and Nickelodeon to name a few. Some of Daves credits include Tony Hawk Ride, Shred, ProSkater HD, Fight Night, Round 3, Spiderman 2, (Tobey McGuire), and TMNT Mutant Madness. 

When he's not doing all of this creative stuff, he's doing other creative stuff; Dave loves to draw and is an active part of the creative community. He frequents and shows in galleries like Rotofugi and Toy De Jour, and attends conferences like Adobe Max, DesignerCon, CTX, Half-Rez, Renegade Craft Fair, C2E2, and more. Dave participates in Atomic Sketch, Drink & Draws and other events around Chicago. He has years of experience mentoring, teaching, and coaching creative individuals and teams, and in his spare time enjoys playing volleyball, road trips, White Castle, donuts and robots!