Daniel Pinch

Senior Game Designer at Airship Syndicate

Mentor of Game Design

Daniel Pinch

Daniel has more than six years of industry experience, shipping titles for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, Android, and Oculus Rift. Such titles include World of Tanks, Damaged Core, They Live to Destroy, Heroes Reborn: Gemini, and Heroes Reborn: Enigma.

He currently works at Airship Syndicate as a Senior Game Designer working on a new unannounced project. His focus is on creating outstanding Gameplay Events for the new title.

Previously, he worked at Wargaming.net as a Senior Game Designer on World of Tanks for over three years. His specialization was in designing new systems, AI behaviors, and overseeing the development of unique game modes like Tank Commander.

Daniel specializes in Systems, Gameplay, and AI Design. His game engine of choice is Unreal 4, having worked in it extensively over the past six years. In his free time you'll find Daniel playing games like Apex Legends, Final Fantasy 14, or he'll be working on his own side project in Unreal 4!


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