Aniket Natekar

Senior Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Mentor of 3D Animation

Aniket Natekar

Born and raised in India, Aniket was always the kid in class who loved to draw. His love for animation developed early on as he enjoyed watching cartoons, movies and loved acting in school plays.

Like a good Indian boy, Aniket finished his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, but then moved to Vancouver, Canada to pursue his dream of becoming an animator. Graduating from the Vancouver Film School's Classical Animation program in 2008, his first job took him to France, where he worked for 4 years at Ankama Entertainment as a 2D animator.

Wanting to transition into feature animation, he moved back to Canada in 2012 and took the online 3D animation program with CG Spectrum (that's right! He's an alumnus). During this time, he was an animation supervisor on a few TV shows for Hasbro and Teletoon and also animated on a pilot for Amazon's 'Niko and the Sword of Light'.

He got his first break in CG Feature Animation in 2014 with Bron Animation's 'Henchmen', then as one of the Lead Animators on Netflix's 'The Willoughbys' he developed the unique animation style that the movie has become known for.

Since then he's worked as a Senior Animator on Glen Keane's 'Over the Moon' and is currently working at Sony Pictures Imageworks, and teaching the next generation of animators at CG Spectrum.

Aniket Natekar's Demo Reel